Sarcasm does Bridal? 11997963_403402033198097_1300379082_n As much as I love what I do, sometimes there comes a piece that just makes you want to jump off the next bridge available. The piece I have been working on ALL frigging week is one of those pieces. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE what I do, it’s just there are, as with any occupation, some aspects you just kind of dread, and flat peyote by a pattern is mine. While I had a GREAT pattern from Fun Pattern Designs – peyote designs by Debger Designs on Etsy, I just absolutely dread the repetitiveness of flat peyote patterns. I would much rather be playing with my two hole beads and making up new creations with them!

buy fildena 150 Speaking of two hole beads, did you know you can get superduos on Amazon by the 100 gram bags? Oh YEAH! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Gotta a few hundred this week through Rockin Beads on Amazon. They ship amazingly fast and are well packed too! Gotta love what you can do with all those yummy beads, and at such great prices too!

Anyway, back to my peyote…It actually didn’t turn out bad. I, of course, did not follow the color suggestions AT ALL, because I used the piece for this month’s entry in the Dry Gulch Beads & Jewelry October Color Challenge. I used (for once) almost the EXACT hex/rgb colors that the challenge called for, and it turned out ok! All 3,200 size 11/0 delicas of it! I don’t know, why don’t you leave me YOUR opinion in the comments below?

"Bride of Day of the Dead"

“Bride of Day of the Dead”

I’m just not a huge Halloween fan, but I am a big admirer of the ceremonial Day of the Dead in the Mexican Culture. I think it’s not only cool in itself, but very respectful, and something we should think about doing as a culture. The only time we remember our dead is on their birthdays, and mother’s and father’s days. So not fair.

Anyway, this is my last October posting, so everyone please do not forget that we still have one more week of pink and purple awareness! If you haven’t already, please sign up to get my ridiculous snark in your email every weekend and randomly when I am not having a seizure or watching grandbabies or something! Thank you so much for all your support, as I am about to hit 5,000 views! Spread the word, shout it from the rooftops, tattoo my website on your forehead!

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Sarcasm thinks pink


I love, love, love, my grandbabies. They are my heart, soul, and world. When my 5-year-old grandson was getting ready to start kindergarten this year, I was not just excited for him though, I was excited for me! Let me explain. When his mom, my daughter, was in elementary school, I did the PTA thing full-time, and when I say full-time, I mean I went to her school with her in the mornings and didn’t leave until long after she was dismissed in the afternoons – every single day! I even served on our local County Council’s Board of Directors and had EIGHTEEN schools under me in addition to everything I did for her school. But I loved every freaking minute of it. Every time I subbed a class, laminated, copied, answered phones, just whatever needed to be done, I loved volunteering for such a great cause – the benefit of my daughter and others schools.

So now that my grandson is in kindergarten and his mom works full-time – I get to do it all over again! (Insert happy dance HERE!) Anyways, last week I was busier than a fireman at a 5 alarm fire trying to sort out school field trip and spirit shirts and get them delivered to all the kids before said field trips that were this week. Then, on Thursday I helped chaperone the entire kindergarten to a pumpkin patch field trip to Dream Field Farms. It was an awesome experience for the kids. They all got to dive in a corn pit, which is basically like those ball pits at the pizza places, except it is dried corn. They thoroughly enjoyed jumping around in the “unmicrowaved popcorn!” There were pigs and goats, a hayride where they all got to pick out a small pumpkin to take home, and plenty, and I do mean plenty of other activities! They even have pig races!

As much as I love my grandson and having sixty 5 year olds and an entire faculty calling me Gamma, after those few days, I was, to put it mildly, crapped out exhausted! Buuuuutttt, still I couldn’t sleep one of those nights, and the secretary at his school is a HUGE supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness (she even put permanent pink streaks in her hair), so I cranked this out to give to her to thank her for letting me help out so much.

Flat Cellini Spiral Bracelet for Breast Cancer Awareness

Flat Cellini Spiral Bracelet

This was my first of any type of Cellini for a bracelet, let alone a flat one that I have done.  I used 6/0 opaque baby pink, 8/0 copper lined pink, 11/0 silver lined white, and 11/0 dark pink delicas. I finished it off with a matte sterling 3 strand clasp and sterling silver awareness charm. I made it about 9 inches in length, because it draws up quite a bit when you pick it up and put it on. I definitely had fun making this spiral, though I wish there was something that could be done to keep the thread from showing quite so much between bead sizes. Just a pet peeve of mine. If I had my way, all thread would become invisible once the clasp was sewn on! Now wouldn’t THAT be cool! If I could figure out a way to do it, I could be rich! What would I do with the patent for something like that? Well, buy more beads and yarn, of course! Duh!

I’m going to wrap this one up for this week. My little Doodlebug is walking now, and is literally trying to climb up my leg as I am typing this. It’s pretty close to her bedtime. If you haven’t already, please fill out the little box for the email subscription and you will get my sarcastic repertoire directly in your inbox every weekend and whenever I feel like it in between! I will be resuming my random postings in the next couple of weeks, so if you are an email subscriber, stay tuned! Don’t forget to leave me a comment on what YOU are beading/wire wrapping/polymer/lapidary/crocheting/knitting/and any other craft I haven’t listed here! ALSO, if you wouldn’t mind leaving me some sarcasm memes, I WILL use them in future postings!

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Sarcasm does drops

2015-08-08 07.25.52

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am LOVING the cooler temperatures now that October has arrived! As I said in an Dearlier post, you will be seeing a lot of pinks and purples this month from me due to Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence Awareness month being in October.

But when two causes are so close to your personally, how do you choose? I know there are a lot of other people who have experienced something similar to me and want to recognize both, so I decided that a good alternative would be to use the color lilac. It is the perfect balance between both pink and purple, without being too much of each.

This week’s featured piece is a bracelet design by Lisa Jordan for Starman Trendsetters called the Dagger Duo Bracelet. You can get these free patterns either from your local bead store, or many of the online bead suppliers. I got this particular one from Bello Modo. Usually, all that is required is a purchase from them, though they are free for the asking at your LBS. Although this pattern calls for using the 2.5 x 6 mini daggers, I substituted crystal drop beads I found in my stash. I also used lilac lustre superduos, copper lined pink opal 8/0 seed  beads, and silver toggle clasp. It is stitched in RAW (right angle weave). For those of you who have not attempted RAW, or are intimidated by it, this bracelet is the perfect learning project for it. It is super easy, not to mention quick to complete.

Drops Duo Bracelet

Drops Duo Bracelet

watermarked-drops duo2I have a lot of fun with the Starman patterns. I can’t wait for the new ones to come out. For one thing, it gives me an excuse to order more beads, because you get these patterns free with a bead order from most suppliers. As if I needed an excuse to buy more beads!

I hope this week finds everyone well and busy. I know I’m busier than a one armed man in a paper hanging contest! It’s that time of year folks when all of us handmade artisans are at our busiest, trying to get our inventory stock levels up for the holidays, and for me, trying to keep up with the team themed jewelry orders. See, I do custom orders, not just on team themed items, but on just about anything beadwoven!

That wraps it up for this week. If you are new to my blog, please find the little box on the page where you can subscribe and get my snarkiness directly in your email. Email subscribers get a bonus posting every now and then mid-week on random topics. I haven’t been as diligent about that lately due to some local politics, but the election is OVER, my candidate WON (insert happy dance here), and the mid-week posts will resume. Also, please leave me a comment below and say hello, let me know what YOU are beading, crocheting, etc., or let me know what you want to see from me! Also, send me your sarcasm memes and they will be used in future postings!

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Sarcasm relies on faith

2015-09-17 11.32.52

Welcome to October! As I mentioned in my last post, not only is it Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but also Domestic Violence and Crime Prevention Awareness Month. All of these have affected me personally, and more than likely have affected you in some way, even if it wasn’t personal.  In fact, there a LOT of things that October is the designated Awareness month for and the list below has the ribbon color and any available link for more information:

I strongly rely on my faith. I may not attend church as often as I should, but my faith is unyielding. Without it, I could have never made it through my first marriage alive. My faith has tested me in so many ways, so many times. I have cried and begged and pleaded for answers as to why I was going through some of the things I have faced. I think, no, I KNOW it was to strengthen my faith even further. October particularly brings on some painful reminders in my life that I strongly rely on my faith to help me heal.

So, not only am I making Awareness items this month, I had to make something to represent faith. I found this great tutorial by Patty Perline on Etsy. It was an inexpensive tutorial and the bonus was that it included two different sizes of doing the pendant. It’s her Superduo Cross Pendant  and was very easy to make.

Superduo Cross with Swarovski focal

Superduo Cross with Swarovski focal bead

I used approximately 5 grams of matte silver superduos, 2 grams of s/l crystal 11/0 seed beads, 1 gram of white lined opal 15/0 seed beads, and a 10mm faceted Swarovski round bead in Crystal AB2x, but you could just as easily substitute a 10mm pearl. For the smaller version you would do one less row on each of the sections of superduos and use an 8mm bead as the focal. In order to anchor the focal bead and join all the sections together, a long head pin is needed, and you just use your round nose pliers at the top of the cross to round it into a loop to use as a bail. It is worked in four separate segments and then joined with seed beads around the focal bead. The larger cross measures 2.25 x 1.75 inches and the smaller cross measures 1.75 x 1.25 inches.

I have made this cross in several different colorways, both with Swarovski beads and with pearls, and not a single one of them has come out bad. I love them, and hope you will too. The one pictured and one small violet picasso one is all I have left. They went rather quickly!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying the cooler temperatures. I know here in Alabama we are! Please don’t forget to sign up for my email subscription and get even more snark on a random basis in your own little inbox!  Also, I really do love hearing from you in the comments, so please do leave me one and let me know how you are doing, how you think I’m doing, or just to say hi! If you have a sarcasm meme to share I would love to see it, and it will probably be used in a future post!

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