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where to buy Keppra in the uk Welcome back to another week of snarky beading! So this week has been the week from heck! 5 days of beading and crochet, 4 days of keeping grandbabies, 3 days of getting to work on my beading at my favorite bead shop, The Enchanted Bead with my favorite Bead Fairy, Cyn Wilson, 2 days of of Kindergarten for my grandson, and 1 day of a first birthday party for my Doodlebug! (and a partridge in a pear treeeeeee!)

Adalyn (Doodlebug) enjoying her first birthday cake!

useful link Adalyn (Doodlebug) enjoying her first birthday cake!

 I can’t believe how time flies. It seems like yesterday we were at the hospital when Jackson was born, and now both of them are such independent little beings now.  Jackson is fascinated by my beading and crochet and wants to learn “how to put the beads together like you do, Gamma.” Adalyn is feisty and independent, but very much a Gamma’s girl!

Anyway, I managed to sneak in some beading this week. In between attempts at trying to cuss my way through attempting a couple of RAW (right angle weave) bracelets, I did manage to teach myself a modified herringbone stitch with some super duos and came up with this bracelet.

Instead of using my standard toggle clasp though, I wanted something different, so I purchased  a button from Walmart in my local store. It was a cute, little wooden button. A word of advice though. You always want to get one with two holes vs. four holes, not only for aesthetic appeal, but it is much easier to secure to your bracelet. Then you just sew a loop of seed beads to the opposite end of your finished bracelet to loop around the button for closure. Anyway this is what I came up with.

watermarked-sd hb watermarked-sd hb4This was done with a combination of a modified herringbone stitch and right angle weave with Picasso turquoise bronze super duos and 8/0 chocolate opaque seed beads. It took about three hours to make the bracelet itself, and the clasp including sewing the button and measuring out the loop for the seed beads to go around the button about half an hour. The bracelet is about an inch wide by 7 1/2 inches in length. Two hole seed beads and Czech mates are my favorites to work with, or haven’t you realized that?

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