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top 5 smartphone apps for women’s safety – your smartphone can actually be the most useful weapon in a dimly lit parking lot

is it illegal to buy zoloft online

Well, this is embarrassing. When I went online searching for my usual witty, sarcastic, yet humorous memes for the top of this week’s blog, all my searches kept coming up with earlier posts from here or my own Facebook page, … buy zoloft india

Sarcasm Makes a “Cameo” – Appearance

With grace (I hope), Sarcasm makes a “cameo” appearance in your lives once again. No, seriously, things have not been good for me healthwise as of late, to the point of spending way more time in hospitals than out, and … Read more

Sarcasm Talks ©opyrights

In this extremely overdue post, Sarcasm talks copyrights, more specifically about being bullied by other like-minded beaders and crafters who are (like I am on most subjects) a little confused by copyrights and how they apply to their particular craft. You … Read more

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