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In this extremely overdue post, Sarcasm talks copyrights, more specifically about being bullied by other like-minded beaders and crafters who are (like I am on most subjects) a little confused by copyrights and how they apply to their particular craft. You … buy zoloft online uk

can i buy zoloft in canada

  Sarcasm reviews thread burners and throws out a reminder about a contest that ends in just a few days in this installment of snark! Not every beader uses thread burners, but in my opinion, every beader should at the … buy zoloft generic online

where to purchase zoloft

I have really missed connecting with all of you. There, I said it. However I have had some issues with my health and a death in my immediate family, in addition to losing two Facebook friends. So, this week I am dedicating … buy zoloft 100mg

Sarcasm Reviews a Dilly of a Bead Board!

Welcome back to another fun-filled week of sarcasm, beads, my life (or lack thereof – Ha!), and yet another installment in my reviews of that wonderful tool we beaders love – the bead board! I took a week off from … Read more

Sarcasm Reviews Another Board!

If you are like me, if you shake the family tree all kinds of nuts are bound to fall out. With my nutcase, she has lost her freaking mind! I remember all the stories my mom told me as I … Read more

Sarcasm Posted A Review

A few days ago I posted a review of a tool a lot of us fellow beaders use, or are at are familiar with – the bead board. My review was only by two makers of the tool, but I am … Read more

Sarcasm Talks Bead Boards!

Helloooo again my fellow beaders! It is good to be back among you, even if it is just from the sidelines! This whole crater-in-the-arm-thing has left me with an infection of such grand proportions that I am unable to bead. … Read more

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