Sarcasm Forges Through

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Misoprostol online purchase Yup, I made a bracelet. I was beginning to wonder if I would even have anything to share with you this week. I got SICK, like 103+ fever sick, a whopper of a sinus infection and severe bronchitis, which developed into pneumonia, and well, suffice it to say, I’m still on breathing treatments that leave me shakier than a crackhead on withdrawal. Being that shaky I have a really hard time holding on to my beading needle to make anything, (not to mention the whole complete lack of energy thing), but my bead muse has been literally just SCREAMING in my ear! I have these new superduos from Bello Modo in my favorite finish of Picasso, so I just had to do SOMETHING with them. After all, they are just way too pretty and rustic looking to waste, right?

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I made a simple tubular rope bracelet in alternating Picasso chalk-white and Picasso turquoise travertine with a magnetic clasp in antique gold. It is very simple to make, but it takes a LOT of superduos, about 15-20 grams of each color! Even though it has a chunky look, it is surprising lightweight on the wrist to wear, and goes great with just about any type of ensemble. It doesn’t take long to make, there is no real degree of difficulty to it, except that maintaining your tension with your thread throughout is absolutely essential. If you do not maintain a tight tension, your bracelet will look all wonky, and you really do NOT want that!

While I was sick and feverish, along with cranky and *w*itchy (thank you to my ever-understanding hubby), I managed to finish up some loose ends on the crochet layette for my Doodlebug’s (code name for my granddaughter) 1st birthday picture layette. Now if I could just FINISH! Her birthday is the week after next, the pictures the week after that, so you WILL see all of my progress, so help me!

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Until next time. Stay smart or stay smart sassy!


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