Sarcasm Got Her Groove On!

In my arm!!!
In my arm!!!

You all are going to HAVE to start sending me sarcasm and bead memes. I went to Google them for this blog and the first three rows that popped up were actually from this blog! Ha! I guess that means I have some sort of web presence, even if it IS as a snarky beader! You can send them to my email at by the way!

So this week I have been taking it really easy and taking a LOT of naps because of this nasty MRSA infection that has caused a crater in my beading arm. LOTS of naps, because I gotta tell ya, fever and infection will flat wear you out! Besides, it’s rather painful to bead with this giant, antibiotic-resistant hole in my arm.

Anywho, I DID get one project finished, and I’m rather proud of getting it done, because it is one I have been putting off for quite a while. I’m not easily intimidated by beads or patterns, but the idea of one that has layers? Makes it sound like work! Beading is my LOVE, it’s not supposed to be WORK! Well, as it turned out, this pattern was something I absolutely LOVED, and not a thing like work at all!

This week I finally got around to doing Marcia Balonis’s “Dipped in Color” bracelet, and oh my gosh, where-have-I-been-and-why-have-I-been-putting-it-off-for-so-darn-long??? Seriously, it was so much fun to make! I mean, really, how many bead patterns have you read, where you literally laugh out loud reading the instructions? This lady knows how to write a tutorial for ME! I have to also mention that in addition to her being a member of the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad,  she is also a a Starman Trendsetters designer, AND has her own blog, Baubles and Beads, and you can find her patterns on Etsy HERE. Ya think she’s a busy lady? Nahhhhhh

Dipped in Color

“Dipped in Color”

Although her pattern called for either 3 or 4mm round or firepolished beads or pinch beads on the outside, I decided to make use of those wonderful Chalk Blue and Aztec Gold Groovy Tiles I had purchased but didn’t quite know yet what to do with.  The rest of the bracelet consists of Metallic Beige 3mm firepolished beads as a base, with Czech Bar Beads in Leather, Blue Metallic Suede Quadralentils, and 11/0 seed beads in Toho Grey Rainbow. That’s really all there was to it!

I have been getting a lot of emails asking about the written version of my “Penny Pincher” bracelet that Potomac Bead Company was kind enough to release on video last week. I did a kind of mini-survey in a couple of places on Facebook to see if there would be any interest, and well, apparently there is. So, I will be releasing a written tutorial for it within the next few days. The difference in the written tutorial and the video? The video uses a two-needle approach to make it, while the written version will only be using ONE!!!

SO, the FIRST twenty email subscribers to this blog to comment (before next week’s blog) something funny and snarky about beading (keep it clean folks – this is a PG-rated blog! lol) will get it absolutely, positively, 100% FREE! The rest of you will have to pay. Sorry, but it costs money to do all this stuff! Besides, a) I love hearing from you; and b) I need the material to use in a future blog. Ha!

Also, please don’t forget that little Paypal donation button thing I have going on this page. It really DOES pay my web fees, and with me having to replenish all the tools and supplies that were stolen from me recently – I am, shall we say – needy?

Until next time, stay smart, stay smart sassy!

39 thoughts on “Sarcasm Got Her Groove On!”

  1. When everyone is dressed and waiting to go to dinner and they ask you to hurry up and finish getting ready and you comment… I haven’t started yet was working on this bracelet. Let’s stay home and order pizza.!

    • IKR? My husband brought me my lunch yesterday, and I was like, hold on, I have another row to complete, so he stood there watching me bead, holding my lunch until I got to a stopping point! lol

    • Neither do I! I have a bag with a small tool kit, a few projects, and my 8 inch round Beadwrangler bead board that I always carry with me! It’s perfect for the car, drs appts, or even when I’m volunteering at my grandson’s school and waiting on him to get out, since I am his carpool!

  2. Becca,

    And NOW you tell us that you’ll be posting a written tutorial for your Penny Pincher bracelet!!! After I spent the better part of an afternoon watching, pausing, writing, watching, pausing, writing, etc., etc. – then typing from my chicken scratch notes, while the video was still fresh in my mind (so I’d stand a better chance of understanding what I’d written). And then I made the bracelet that same evening, to double check myself on the notes I’d taken.

    THANK GOD, your tutorial will be One Needle. (I can’t begin tell you how much I detest 2 needle bead weaving!!!!)

    • Yeah, I kinda figureed a lot of people would be glad to see it in a one-needle appoach. Honestly, I was surprised to see Allie do it with two! Send me a bigger picture though of your version, or better yet, post it on my Becca’s Beaded Bangles Facebook page!

  3. I coveted a particular color of silky beads for a bracelet and (possibly) matching necklace. I need 14 for the bracelet and perhaps, 38 for the necklace. The only vendor I found with the color I wanted sells large lots – 120 beads. Had to have ’em; placed the order. I have no idea what I’ll do with the leftovers. They are such a distinctive color that anything else I might make with them will be too matchy-matchy. Oh well – she who dies with the most beads wins.

  4. Why is it that every other day I order a fortune in beads yet the minute I find a pattern I love I don’t have the right beads to do it. Yep place an another order and hope it comes when I get the mail and not hubby.

  5. Not sparky or sassy, but way too weird. On my way home from Florida last week I was amazed at the security! My tiny scissors, needles, an pliers went through just fine. Know what they pulled out to check? The holder of beads! Not sure what the agent thought I would do with all those tiny glass beads! Go figure!

  6. I can’t post it, so emailed it to you! I live by the “I can’t go out tonight, I’ve already taken my bra off and got my beads out motto”. Any chance away from work, that’s so me!! I love that bracelet, its awesome!

  7. I have so many beads, they actually have their own room in my house. Yep, when I was looking to buy a house, I had to buy a house big enough so my beads could have a room of their own.

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