Sarcasm Has Another Winner!

Happy Independence Day America! For those of you celebrating,  click over here PLEASE be courteous around pets, and especially near any former combat veterans when it comes to fireworks! It is a traumatic thing resembling gunfire to both of them, and you do not want to be the cause of a PTSD incident!

As far as my beading goes this week, I submitted a third entry in the Dry Gulch Color Design Challenge for June (it, nor any of my other entries, won) and also played with my new peanut beads! I have had peanut beads for a while, but these are really cool, because they are 3x6mm!

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I don’t really have a name for this. I was just experimenting with the larger peanut beads and some right angle weave and this is what I came up with. The peanut beads are seafoam green, and I used 8/0 blue metallic iris and 11/0 galvanized copper to accent them, with a copper magnetic clasp. It feels great on the wrist to wear, and looks great with jeans!

"Crescent Sunburst" Pendant

“Crescent Sunburst” Pendant

My last-minute Dry Gulch entry was the “Crescent Sunburst” pendant from the cover of the August “Bead & Button.” I used Rose-gold topaz daggers, galvanized beige 11/0, a druk in pastel bordeaux, and some 2mm druks in rose gold.

But none of my beading is why any of you are even reading today, am I right? LOL I’m guessing you all want to know who has won the Shaped Bead Challenge. Well, here’s the thing. I didn’t have a whole lot of entries, and the ones that I did get, I’m “friends” on Facebook with some of you. So, in order to be fair and impartial about this, and because all the entries met the requirements of NO NUMBERED SEED BEADS, I couldn’t pick between you on my own. So what I did was go to one of those websites where you throw everyone’s names in a virtual “hat” and it draws one out. Please do not be mad at me for this because you  dating a girl that has tattoos and smokes ALL did a wonderful job with your entries! (plus, I have 103 fever today and literally can not focus on beads.)

Congratulations to  free online dating sites for singles teenagers Bracelets Galore for your original bracelet design entry consisting of nothing but 4 mm Czech fire polished, 4 mm bicones, 8 mm pearl, Superduos, Diamonduos, 6 mm pearls, and o-beads. It is a thing of beauty! As was  ALL of the entries, but in order to make this a fair and neutral thing, I had to go this route. Believe me, if I could, I would send every single one of you something! (And for those of you who do not see your name in the pic above, it was a scroll-down the page thing.)

Bracelets Galore

Bracelets Galore

That’s it for today. Like I said before, I have a fever, so I’m going to bed! Until next time, stay smart, or stay smart sassy!


8 thoughts on “Sarcasm Has Another Winner!

  1. Oh and yes, my poor dog used to freak out about fireworks. I bet a lot of people haven’t even thought of the ptsd issue with soldiers. Good you are pointing that out. I wouldn’t have thought of it. I just hate loud noise, myself.

  2. Congrats Bracelets Galore! Beautiful pattern! I pray you are well soon, Becca! Sorry you are feeling bad. Love the pieces you posted. I think I want to try that Bead and Button one myself…if I ever get to beading again. Life has been hectic. Love, Bridget.

  3. Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for the part about the PTSD. It is so important for people to understand what people with PTSD go thru. Congrats to the winner, it is beautiful. So is your jewelry! Happy 4th!

    • Thank you! Yes, I even posted that in my neighborhood Facebook group once I heard the firecrackers start popping a little while ago. People just don’t understand how traumatic it is for combat veterans.

  4. Hey Becca I thought I had entered your contest 4 times but apparently I didn’t get it rite Please don’t think I ignored you. I sent 4emails to that tinybeads addy But it appears you didn’t get them. Sorry your not feeling well. Get better soon
    Carol Carnes ?

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