Sarcasm Issues a Challenge (With a Prize!)

Meme from Susan Sassoon!
Meme from Susan Sassoon!!!! Living in Alabama in the summer is ridiculous! I mean, it’s only June, and we have already had near 100 degree temps. i am SO dreading August!!! It’s enough to melt my beads! The only thing the heat isn’t melting? The bugs! O.M.G. they are almost as big as my car!  All the more reason to run back inside in the A/C and back to my beads!


For those of you who are regular readers, you know I like to participate in the monthly Dry Gulch Color Design Challenge. It is held using a different color palette over on Facebook each month. The only requirement is that you use all the colors in the assigned color palette. That’s it. Your entry can be anything from jewelry to curtains to cupcakes, as long as it follows the assigned color palette. You can also enter as many times as you want. For June, I have submitted two entries, a necklace and a bangle, both designed by Anna Lindell.

Dry Gulch June 2016 Color Design Challenge "Tattered Peonies"
Dry Gulch June 2016 Color Design Challenge “Tattered Peonies”

The bangle is Anna’s Starman Trendsetters “Wicker” bangle, and the necklace is her “Water Lily” pattern, using the new Demi-round seed beads. I had so much fun making both that I made two of each! (the second bangle isn’t quite done yet for pics though.)

"Water Lily"
“Water Lily”
"Water Lily"
“Water Lily”

For the bangle, I used Bronzeberry and Iced Coffee crescent beads and Copper-lined Alabaster seed beads with Dark Bronze superduos and quadralentils. For the necklaces, on the pink one I used  Amethyst Gold Luster Demirounds, Czech 2-hole daggers in Rose Gold Topaz Luster, English cut beads in Amethyst, Quadralentils in Champagne, Miniduos in Sand, Galvanized seed beads in Mauve and Tanzanite Gold Luster, and I used a magnetic copper clasp. For the dark one I used Demirounds in Matte Silver, seed beads in Antique Silver and Hematite, and Firepolish and Daggers in Jet Picasso.

Ok, I have a Challenge for you! I’m going to do this too, I just won’t get a prize though! You must email your pictures (no more than 2) to no later than 12 Noon CST Saturday, 6/25/16. Please include your full name and address, as well as your Facebook handle! You MUST be an email subscriber to this blog! The winner will be posted on next week’s blog and ALL entries will be posted too! facilitate YOUR MISSION: Make a design you have never done before and do NOT use the pattern as written (please get the designer’s permission to do this and please purchase whatever pattern you use from them!) because you will be doing it  nizoral uk WITHOUT the use of copy ANY numbered (ex. 6,8,11,15/0) seed beads, make the pattern. In other words, use  retin a cream cost ONLY shaped beads! Challenge is only open to U.S. and Canadian residents. I just can’t afford the shipping overseas. Sorry. 🙁

That’s the only clues you get! Beads are not cheap, so in order to do this, I’m digging in to my own pockets. If you are generous, please hit the donate button on this page to help me out! It also helps out with my web fees!

Until next week, stay smart, or stay smart sassy!



13 thoughts on “Sarcasm Issues a Challenge (With a Prize!)”

    • I think that is a very inventive idea! I just encourage you to obtain permission from the designer of your piece to re-create it in your “own” way, and to purchase the pattern. However, if it is something that the pattern isn’t available for purchase, that’s ok too! Simply explain to the designer what the challenge is about (or show them this blog) and let them know this IS all in fun! But I do think you have a GREAT idea!

  1. Any chance you’ve already spoken to some designers about this challenge? Copying is such a huge issue, and even asking can create a very hurtful and damaging situation. I.E. if I asked CD Sharpe if she minded, and she had just finished going through a bad situation with beads magic copying her work without notice…
    Quite honestly, you’ve made me curious, because I just can’t think of any patterns that don’t have seed beads in there somewhere…

    • Yes, but I’m leaving it entirely up to the entrant too. I have made it very clear that permission must be obtained. However, since this will be the entrant’s own creation, due to the specificity of the types of beads that can and can’t be used, it should prove to be interesting.

  2. love the work and yes it is HOT! I work in a factory that is always set at 40 degrees and it is hot in there!

    I guess I dont understand the challenge. Are we to copy from pictures or copy and modify from another designers patterns? Just need clarity.

    Thanks for the challenge!

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