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I do, I really DO!!!

more information I do, I really DO!!!

article A few days ago I posted a review of a tool a lot of us fellow beaders use, or are at are familiar with – the bead board. My review was only by two makers of the tool, but I am working on getting more to compare. I received some comments here, along with emails, Facebook and Twitter messages regarding The Bead Pad and the bead trays made by Silaba Crafts in the U.K., and would love to try both, and any others that are out there, as well.

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Anyways, I just wanted to post the responses I got from Bead On It Boards and The Bead Wrangler. Honestly, I was only trying to make a comparison of the two tools, as I liked the BOIB, and currently love The Bead Wrangler. A lot of you out there have been making your own trays or boards with picture frames, steering wheel covers, plastic lids, baking sheets, and other materials for years.

I think Dianne Peaslee sums it up well in her comment on Facebook: “Most cultures have had some form of bead board since they started using beads. Native Americans have had them for thousands of years. They weren’t quite as fancy. Really just wood, covered with leather, held together with rawhide, but it did the job of keeping the beads where they were placed until you needed them. I think there is actually one in the Smithsonian’s Native American Collection.”

My response from The Bead Wrangler which can be found here:

bead wrangler post

This is actually the second response from the owner of BOIB. I won’t print the first one, since I have a family friendly site. Besides, she has since deleted it from her page.  From Deidre Pyatte, owner of Bead On It Board, LLC, which can be found here:


Thank you all for your comments and your own research, and also for your kind comments regarding “the crater.” As of this morning, I got the official word (after yet another painful debridement) that I can bead (lightly, and with the assistance of good old-fashioned pain pills) again!!!  buy dapoxetine online in india WOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time, stay smart, or stay smart sassy!


15 thoughts on “Sarcasm Posted A Review

  1. Viki~well when I first came into your store and Dee was yelling at me because I was dropped off there to help you out, well I know why, she didn’t want me to get to know you! Yet after a year when I came back, you figured out who I was married too. Wow, it’s been 30 years or more ? So that gave me some good reasons to tell you what kind of nut job Dee really was at Treasured Beads! I’m happy you won your case, I have never seen such a wacko like her before in my life! I fell in her store but I didn’t go after her but I still could for it was in Dec. 2010. Yet I’m not evil…? You take care of the store and hope you earn lots of money & Dee you can go back to Canada ?

  2. Thank you for posting Deidres Comments. She is a fraud in my opinion. This is going to help my case against her about character. I have been in litigation with this nut job (again my opinion) for 4 years now. All I can say at this point is it’s good against evil….:) And good looks great.

  3. Wow! What a comment Becca, and this was the more ‘presentable’ communication. Imagine if Ford Car industries tried to stop other Car makers. We would allow only one style of car. Same with Cell phones.
    I happen to be of the belief that competition creates better products. Case in point is the ‘Bead Wrangler’ who designed a better product and more user friendly with less cost outlay for the buyer.
    Next will be the person who can design one that can be taken apart and washed.
    Unfortunately for Deidre her actions are only bearing out that ugly gets one nowhere’s fast.
    Besides it’s horrible for Business.

    • I have been using that same exact analogy! Without competition in retail on things like tools, our prices would be sky high on absolutely everything. And she can call it a design until she is blue in the face, but when it boils down it, it is still just a tool that “merely describes a purpose” as ALL tools do.

  4. So Becca I did find you. I find it a bit of a jump that Deidre Pyatte has sent out so many “cease and desist” letters PRIOR to filing for her trademark/patent. I also find it a bit schmarmy that to date EVERY “Bead on It!” board has had a tag indicating that she already has a patent even though she has just applied for it. I wonder if my not so kind email threatening her with a class action suit (on behalf of every person who ever purchased a board believing it was a legally patented product) caused her to do so. Maybe to make her life a bit more exciting I will fill out the US District Court complaint and serve it on her, you know, just for sh*ts and giggles.

    • I’m glad you found me! Yes, I have received SEVERAL email regarding her sending very ugly letters to makers of other bead boards. She even had several of them taken down off Etsy, but when it was proven that her claims were false, Etsy restored the listings. The general consensus from everyone I received an email from regarding her attitude was that she was “to be pitied” and ignored, as her claims had no merit. What was incredulous was that she is even doing this to bead tray makers overseas. I have several bead board tools from others on the way to review and will be posting them as soon as I get them and use them.

  5. I appreciate your review and opinions of these tools. I didn’t get the feeling that you were slamming or choosing either one. One of the comments (don’t remember whether it was your review or another comment, since I read them yesterday) mentioned having to keep going after lost beads in the sides on the BOIB. I have the same issue and re-call that not having that issue was a selling point. I have 3 BOIB’s and will continue to use them, but doubt I would buy another.

    • It was actually in my post that it was mentioned. I brought it up that it was a problem for me with the BOIB, but not a problem with The Bead Wrangler. I really like not having to chase those little suckers out of that crevice! lol Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting.

  6. And that response is exactly why I will choose not to support her business. Attitude is everything…

    • Have to agree. You get more flies with honey, and more beaders on your side without resorting to slamming others, especially folks who are just honestly reviewing your board. I won’t bother with hers, not that I would spend that kind of money on it, anyway. I can buy a lot more beads without it. If she truly wanted to support her family, she’d do well to copy Poppa Walton’s idea- sell a lot for less profit, rather than a very few to the ‘elite’ who can afford the high prices, especially for a product that cannot be cleaned!

      • You are SO right about the not being able to be cleaned part. I tried everything she recommended on her website and several other things recommended to me by someone knowledgeable about fabric, and nothing worked.

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