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7 thoughts on “Sarcasm Reviews a Dilly of a Bead Board!”

  1. Great post. I am glad that you are looking into protecting your rights. Grandparents are more important than some people think. Love the boards. Love the reviews that you are doing. But I still love my 10$ board. I do still also use my BOIB when space is limited mostly due to a cat who thinks that my table is hers. Pffft!

    • I love those babies more than life itself and for her to cut me off over something as stupid as money, well – I just want to make sure I’m still in their lives, even it is court ordered visitation. Now that the Bead Wrangler lady is doing the lap boards, I am a REALLY happy camper, since I got the first one as a birthday gift. She also is doing something very similar to the Dilly Dots, but hers are more compact and “user-friendly” that she will be introducing in the coming days, for which I also got a few to go with my new board. I know your space is limited, but you should try out the lap board, since it IS made for for lap beading! Thanks for commenting and for stopping by. Have a great week my friend!

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