Sarcasm Reviews Another Board! family If you are like me, if you shake the family tree all kinds of nuts are bound to fall out. With my nutcase, she has lost her freaking mind! I remember all the stories my mom told me as I was growing up about how she wasn’t allowed to see or communicate with her father because my grandmother was trying to spite him by keeping his kids from him. In the end, all it ever really hurt were the kids. They grew up not knowing the real story behind it, and resentful of everyfreakingone involved. As one of you kindly pointed out to me on Facebook the other day, you can always pick and choose your friends, but family is forever! Such is my situation now with my grandchildren. I’m not allowed to see or have any contact whatsoever with them.  Apparently I am a nutcase and a danger to them. The babies that I have seen and driven around nearly every single day of their lives. I ask, if I was a danger then what does it say about the person allowing me to drive them around all this time? I know the truth, and one day, they will too. Such is my life as it is, and probably why the Cardiologist sent me straight from their office-do not pass go-do not collect $200 to the hospital the other day. Turns out, I had pneumonia to boot.

dating a latino man So after yet another hospitalization, I come to you with reviews on more of the best known tool to a beader – the beading board! And for those of you who are in doubt as to who actually invented these wonderful things, let me tell you, I have an old (and far too grainy to scan in here) picture of my Cherokee great-great-grandmother stringing her Indian beadwork on a piece of wood covered in the hide of some poor animal’s skin. So sorry Deidre, you may have invented the “Bead On It” brand, my dear, you did NOT in fact invent the beading board. Heck, I guess with that picture I could claim the rights if I wanted to! LMBO

I am back to beading again!!!!! I am still by no means caught up, but added a couple of clasps to somethings I had otherwise finished and also tried a friend’s pattern, “Diamond Eyes,” by Michele Klous. She has another pattern, “Alien Eyes” that I am itching to try out too!

"Crown Bracelet" design by Akke Jonkhof

“Crown Bracelet” design by Akke Jonkhof


"Diamond Eyes"

“Diamond Eyes”

For “Diamond Eyes” I used Arcos in pastel sapphire blue, montana blue Diamonduos, 2x3mm montana blue Potomac Bead Company crystal rondelles, 4mm navy blue pearls, and gold lined crystal demi beads with a Potomac cup button closure.

And what college football starter week would be complete without me doing something about my beloved Auburn Tigers? This is another one of Anna Lindell’s “Wicker” bangles. I liked the design so much, I made one for myself in my Tigers signature orange and blue!

"Wicker Bangle"

“Wicker Bangle”

Anywho, last week Ruth Ann Miller The Bead Pad lady, sent me one of her great 11×14 oval boards. Super board, with a slight bit of heft to it, and the outer upholstered fabric is very thick and durable.  It has a contact shelf liner non-skid bottom and is very sturdy. She was also kind enough to send me some of her bead corrals in both the original plastic, and her newer model, the rubber ones. These little circles are really quite handy to keep your bead piles from running into one another and the rubber ones are great for not sliding around the board. I like both the plastic and the rubber ones, because sometimes you need to move an entire pile of beads to make room for another project, say when they one you are working on is driving you bonkers! Plus, she sent it in purple! Everything is better in purple!

The Bead Pad

The Bead Pad

Ok, so here is where I beg and plead of you to help me with my web fees. They are due this week (this every few months having to pay thing is for the birds) and without them, I won’t be back next week. There should be a Paypal donation button thingy along the side of your screen or on the bottom or wherever they plant it this week, but if not, I would HUGELY appreciate anything you can send my way to – I can provide a receipt for tax purposes or whatever if you need it. Seriously folks, I won’t be back next week if this isn’t paid. Annnnndddd to top it off, everything on my website is 50% off!!! Custom orders are 40% off too! Use code BLOG at checkout. If I get to come back to you guys next week, I have a “Dilly” (that’s a huge hint, btw!) of a bead board to review!

Until next time (if I raise the $$$), stay smart or stay smart sassy!


12 thoughts on “Sarcasm Reviews Another Board!

  1. Thanks for the review and I sympathise with the grandchildren. My husband and I cannot see his 7 grandchildren so I know how you feel. Chin up and keep beading I say!

  2. Sorry for the drama that you are going thru. My family is very split. I have 10 brothers and 4 sisters but I am an only child. My Mom was married 3x and my Birth father 3x, the man who raised me was married 2x. That makes for an extended family. Many of my family are not in my life and I am better off because of it. Some of my family is actually friends who are true family. I have many kids even though I have only given birth to 2. I hope you feel better and if you need to talk holler at me. The board is nice and the jewelry is of course awesome. Take care my dear. Also, I think you should just fly on over to a free blog site. I am on blogspot and I love it.

    • I’m so appreciative of your friendship! I can’t leave this site because it is tied into my domain names and storenvy site though.

  3. Wow, Becca! I’m so sorry you are going through all of this! I hope your heart and arm are getting better…. Don’t know how you are dealing with it all… And you keep on beading! I’m trying to save up for one beading board, and folks are just sending them to you! Lol ? I really want to see that next one.. Since I’m the one who told you about it!

    • I’m sorry I’m going through it too, but being constantly reminded via text that it’s all my fault.

  4. Friends are family YOU choose.
    I never knew my grandfather, and was told by my mother that he had died early in my life. There were three other aunts, sisters of my mothers, and LOADS of cousins, all sworn to secrecy to not tell me of this grandfather, who was alive until I hit 40.
    No one will tell me the entire story, so I had to piece it together from bits gleaned here and there, after his death.
    Long story, shortened, my mother cannot ever forgive. Ever. It is why she is alone now, with only my dad and my middle brother, who lives in their basement and takes care of their needs.
    I prefer my friends, who act like true family, and let me be family to them, with support and love.
    I love your bracelets.
    I hate that this website costs so much. Would it be worth it to transfer to a free blog, like the google ones? You get pretty much the same look. In fact, I thought it was a blogspot blog page, at first!

    • I didn’t meet my grandfather until I was 19 because of everything my grandmother had done to keep him and my mom apart, and only then because I wrote him a letter and enclosed a picture of me and my daughter. He called us the day he received the letter, and flew down to meet us the very next weekend. As far as my blog goes, It’s te blog management software that I have to pay for, and no matter where I go, in order to keep my domain name intact I will have to pay. Thanks on the compliment on my braclets!

  5. I too love my family, the less I see them the more I love them! I do hope it all works out in the end for you

  6. Hi Becca, I love hearing from you and am sorry about all the drama you’ve had to endure. Believe me I understand.
    I have a question for you. What were the colors you used in the Auburn Wicker bangle. I have such a time trying to pick the correct colors when I can’t see them in person. Heck, I have a hard time when I can see them in person. Have had a number of eye surgeries but am still seeing on.

    • Thanks for stopping by! In my War Eagle bangle, I used Dark Blue Metallic Suede Quadralentils, Tweedy Blue Superduos, Silver-lined copper 15/0’s (sounds weird but it works for Auburn Orange!), and the Hyacinth Sueded Gold Crescent beads with my navy and orange 11/0 seed beads. Hope this helps!

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