Sarcasm Talks Men’s Jewelry!

Meme Courtesy of Susan Sassoon
Meme Courtesy of Susan Sassoon SoSassySusanSassoon

Well, we celebrated Moms a couple of weeks ago, and now we have Dad’s Day rapidly coming upon us in just a couple of weeks. But what does a beadaholic do for that special Dad/Husband/Grandpa, etc.,? You know, the one who actually PAYS for our bead habits and puts up with our endless talk of spirals and peyote and Czechmates and Delicas? I mean who else would put up with (so lovingly, I might add! :D) all of the endless “honey, help me decide” questions about everything from color choices to stitch design? Oh, and did I forget to mention that we are honoring them for being the terrific husbands and fathers in our lives? Yeah, so there’s that teeny little detail!

We spend so much time designing and creating and stitching up such beautiful beaded wonders for women, that we barely give notice to the men.  What’s a more perfect time than Father’s Day? So I went scouring around the net trying to find a few worthwhile pieces to give those great guys in our lives – something a little more wearable than say, the macaroni and fruit loops necklace that you probably got for Mother’s Day!

There’s just no denying though, men are the most difficult creatures on earth to (buy for/live with) bead jewelry for! I mean, there are always a few beaders lucky enough get away with using basic strung jewelry, but for those of us beadweavers, the choices are tough! You can always use larger beads like the 6/0 and 8/0 seed beads, but what for? It doesn’t have to always be jewelry! If your guy is a smoker, then you could always whip up a lighter cover in his favorite sports team colors or mascot, or (better) if he’s not, you could do the same thing for a pen cover for him.

Here are two that I pulled from Google images, the American flag for that All American guy in your life, and a dragon for your more err… rugged (?) types. These should both fit a standard Bic Lighter or similar.

Flag lighter cover
Flag lighter cover
Dragon lighter cover
Dragon lighter cover

Another super cool thing you could do for your guy is  a beaded business card holder. Sound hard? Susan Sassoon with SoSassySusanSassoon makes it easy with two great patterns over in her Etsy shop! Her Beaded business card holder with SuperDuos using 2-drop peyote is one that I have made as a gift for a friend who absolutely LOVES it, and her Bugle Business Card Holder Tutorial using 2/1 odd count peyote is another great one. The main difference between the two is the superduo one has a superduo hinge at the bottom, while the bugle one uses tile beads for a more squared off look.Both tutorials come with graphs for the examples shown, as well as blank pages for your to graph your own design!

Bugle Business Card Holder by
Bugle Business Card Holder by SoSassySusanSassoon
Superduo Business Card Holder by
Superduo Business Card Holder by SoSassySusanSassoon

Speaking of covering your guy’s stuff in beads: PLEASE do not try to bead any kind of “usable” equipment including (but not limited to!) golf clubs. tennis rackets, other sports equipment, and weightlifting gear. Pool cues are out too, except for maybe a teeny tiny band near the top of the cue, and ONLY if you clear it with him first, cuz believe me, pool cues are a very balanced piece of equipment.  A big HUGE beading NO to ANY of his hand tools, knives and (do I really even NEED to say this?) guns! Besides the fact that they are very dangerous to non-experienced users, they have a LOT of incredibly precise adjustments, and just should NOT be messed with.

Here is a little something I did a few years ago (so please keep this in mind when viewing the awful pics). I got some stainless steel size 2 hex nuts. (You will need to ask specifically at your hardware store for stainless steel because most ordinary hex nuts are zinc based and that will cause an allergic ruckus.) Use some either 10 lb smoke Fireline or Wildfire thread OR some thin 49 strand beading wire and then simply peyote stitch a bracelet with the hex nuts. You will need the extra weight in the thread or beading wire to support the weight from the steel in the hex nuts. Be sure to use a strong snap clasp with wire guardians on each end so your thread does not break later.

hex nut size 4hex nut sz 4

So what ideas have you come up with for Father’s Day? I would love it if you would share them in the comment section below! And for those of you who have not signed up as email subscribers, you are about to miss out, because I will be releasing a FREE pattern using some of the new Czech beads in the next couple of weeks, here on my blog to my email subscribers ONLY! Once it posts to my wonderful subscribers, it will be taken down and posted on my website for sale for everyone.

Until next time, stay smart or stay smart sassy!



15 thoughts on “Sarcasm Talks Men’s Jewelry!”

  1. Love the ideas you came up with. I have always wnted to make a hex nut bracelet but have just not been able to find enough of the small hex nuts. Sheesh doesnt the hardware store understand that us beaders are starting to invade the man space! Oh well. take care and great post!

    • LOL Nope, hardware stores do not understand at all, which is why I went to a fastener supplier. I bought 1,000 for around $5. Just tell them you need a size 2. Have a great week!

    • Damn, upon seeing Billie Wainwright’s wave necklace being made, I took up beading- best thing ever(almost),on 9th wave necklace & have designed matching earrings.The velvet-lined boxes are also made by me. Jenny, my ex – even got a set 2 Xmas’s ago. Now being an Aussie male from metal engineering background — have I entered hallowed ground? When I saw Billie’s wave necklace almost completed – I saw FABERGÉ.

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