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Tis the season. Christmas is this very week and it’s kinda hard to be snarky about something so important as the celebration of the birth of Christ and our celebration of it. But then again, there is the months of credit card bills, waiting in endless checkout lines to pay for “THAT” toy (after you got shoved and kicked and stepped on to get it) that just had to go under the tree this year for your little one, waiting until the last second to figure out what to buy the hubby (or wife – I’m not gender biased with my readers! 😀 ) and all that cooking and of course, along with the cooking, comes the inevitable clean-up afterwards. Not only of the kitchen, but the whole frigging house, because you just know the kids have strewn wrapping paper and boxes and their new toys every freaking where!

Sound like your house? It used to be mine, but then I did the smart thing. I convinced my daughter that since Santa comes to her house, it makes better since to do the entire day there, so the kids can play with ALL their new stuff, rather than them wishing they were at home while they ate at my house. Works great for me, no cooking or clean-up! Works great for her too, as far as the kids go, but then she IS stuck with all the cooking and clean-up. Did I mention how much I LOVE being a grandparent? 😛

Anyway I have my own little Christmas anecdote of Good Samaritanship to share. I have had a rear passenger tire that has been slowly losing air over the last two to three weeks. A few nights ago, as I was leaving our LBS around 11:15 p.m. (yup, been staying late to get those Christmas orders done!) My dash reading said the tire was down to 16 pounds. It’s actually supposed to be at 42 for my particular car. I called my husband and he said just to drive slowly home and he would go get it plugged in the morning, that it probably had a nail in it (turns out it was two!). As I was driving home and was stopped at the last big intersection to turn into my neighborhood, a policeman was waving for me to roll down my window from the lane next to me. He said I was about to have a flat or blowout and to pull into the service station on the other side of the intersection.

One thing about police now is that everyone is complaining that they do not care about the citizens they are supposed to serve and protect. I have never believed that, having been married to a retired one as long as I have. I think it is just part of their training now to triage their responses to certain situations, which means the most critical come first. Anyway, this policeman was kind enough to not only pay for (yes, actually had to pay for AIR) and put air in my tire, but had a tire gauge and checked the p.s.i. as he was doing so, to make sure I was at the proper 42 lbs p.s.i. It took all of 10 minutes of his time away from his patrol duties on a late night. He explained to me, that especially this time of year, he didn’t want a lone single woman who was being distracted by putting air in her tire to be robbed of her purse and valuables inside her car from the other side. He was the utmost example of what it is to protect and SERVE. I wish I had gotten his name, but was so shocked and grateful, (not to mention exhausted and eager to get home) that I regretfully did not. So, thank you to the Montgomery, AL Police Officer on Atlanta Highway and Coliseum Blvd. who helped me! What a gentleman! Next time you see one of your officers, thank him or her for their service to your community. You never know when you will need them, whether you realize it or not!

mpd (2)

So, the next morning, as I’m on my way to meet my husband at the tire shop to get the tire, I had a @%@$%&# BLOWOUT on the front tire on the same side! I nearly ended up in a ditch, but instead managed to steer away from it, up a curb, and into the parking lot of the nearest open bar. Yes, open bar at 8:30 a.m.! So, now I have a trashed tire rim from hitting the curb, a concussion from hitting that plastic thingy between the door frame and the windshield, and two tires that have to be fixed or replaced!

So, on to some beading for the week! I have done a LOT of beading this week, and I have so many things to show you, but lets just go one thing at a time, shall we? One of the orders I had for Christmas was for a bracelet containing peacock colors, and for a very small wrist – 6 1/2 inches. I thought this would be the perfect time for me to work on my Cellini spiral so off I went! For this bracelet, I used 8/0 Aqua lined Grape, 11/0 Translucent Turquoise, 11/0 Metallic Teal Iris Delicas, 11/0 Metallic Midnight Purple Iris Delicas, and 15/0 Blue lined Blue AB seed beads. Once the spiral was completed, I closed up the ends with the 11/0 Turquoise and 15/0 Blues until completely sealed. Then I formed a loop with silver seed beads around a silver toggle clasp. Tension is VERY important when doing a Cellini, often to the point of breaking your thread and even your needles. I recommend using Fireline and Tulip needles, as I got through this entire bracelet without breaking either, and have gone on to using the needle in other projects with absolutely no problems.

"Peacock" Cellini Spiral
“Peacock” Cellini Spiral

Don’t forget for all your beading needs to check out Eureka Crystal Beads. You simply can’t beat their prices, fast and free economy shipping, or the amount you get for your money. Heck, Toho seed beads are sold in 20 gram tubes! They are also ALWAYS running some kind of a sale! Another thing, they have some great absolutely 100% FREE downloadable patterns. There is a link to those on the sidebar on this page. Use discount code A10SAVE20R and receive 20% off your first order!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas! I will be spending it with my babies, but will be,  talking to you again next week! If you haven’t already, don’t forget to fill out that email subscriber form on my page, so you can get my snarky beading directly in your inbox each and every time I post! Comments? I absolutely ADORE hearing from you! Please leave me a message on what you are doing, what you would like to see from me, or just to say “hey there, “you snarky smartypants!” Also, don’t forget to send me your favorite sarcasm memes to and I will use them in a future post!

Until next time, be smart, or be smart sassy!


5 thoughts on “Sarcasm does a Cellini Spiral”

  1. Hey Becca, was really great to talk to you the other day. The bracelet is beautiful. I will be doing my first Christmas dinner in ages. For years we did it at my Moms house and I have to tell you that I don’t mind the clean up. I would rather do the dishes than I would put the food away! My mom is a pack rat and she has 100 containers and like 15 lids, LOL. So me and my sisters would all try to be the one doing the dishes instead of being the one who has to hunt dishes and lids that match. Usually I am done with the dishes before my sister is done putting the food away, haha. I will miss being with my Mom this Christmas but we did drive the 700 miles to see her at Thanksgiving. I hope that you were able to get your tires fixed. Have a blessed week my friend.

  2. Wow, awesome news about the officer, but terrible news for your tire. Thank God you are okay and an excellent driver in emergency situations. So sorry of your car tires repairs. I know that took money to repair and its the holiday season.

    I always tell anyone who will listen that we have the best police force in the world. These officers look over us even if we never see them. Tell your husband I said Thank You for his service.

    I am under the weather this holiday season, but so very thankful for all of my blessings. You and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year just in case i’m still sick and dont get the chance later to send you warm wishes.

  3. As always, beautiful. Merry Christmas to you and the family ?

    PS….you can always contact Adrian and give him the car # and date, he maybe able to find out the officer that helped you ?

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