Sarcasm gets older

lady era tablet uk olderSo I come to you this week a year older and not a bit wiser. Yes, I am just as snarky at 46 (if not more) than I was at 45 and will probably progress even to belligerence. It was a typical birthday for me, migraine, Murphy’s Law, and all. But, I did have my usual Friday morning breakfast at school with my grandson (except my breakfast was a free coffee and a donut from Krispy Kreme cuz it was my born day), and dinner with ALL my babies at Red Robin. Dinner was another freebie too. So here is what I did. Go to Krispy Kreme and Red Robin‘s websites and sign up for their online loyalty/rewards programs and you get a free coffee and a donut at Krispy Kreme and free burger of choice at Red Robin on your birthday. My daughter LOVED it, cuz she didn’t have to buy my dinner! The real bonus for me? Because she didn’t have to buy my dinner, I got a cool Sephora gift card for my birthday! My daughter rocks!

log Ok, so if you have been reading previously, you know how much I love working with superduos. Well, I also love working with Starman Trendsetters patterns for Czechmates beads. This time I decided to try the Tessella bracelet by Nichole Starman. Since October is in just a few days, I decided to use the great Milky Alexandrite/Pink/Topaz Luster Czechmates Tiles that I had, along, with 11/0 seed beads in crystal AB, but instead of using the 6/0 seed bead the pattern called for, I substituted in some Matubo 7/0 in Chalk Lilac Lustre that I had in my stash. The reason for all the pink? I mentioned about October being in just a few days, and October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I added a pink ribbon charm at the clasp for awareness.


I do not know a single person who has not been, in some way, whether it be family or friend, touched by breast cancer. I lost my own grandmother to breast cancer and had a bout with it myself 23 years ago. It is a horrible thing to go through, and every woman’s worst medical fear. But women are not the only victims. Men CAN get it too! Early detection is important. I can not stress enough the importance of self exams, yearly mammograms, and if you feel something is wrong and your doctor isn’t concerned “enough” GET A SECOND OPINION!!! These things I just said saves lives peeps, yours, your relatives, your friends, your neighbors, your____________ (you fill in the blank).

Another thing about October, and this is a VERY close subject for me. October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. So, all you will be seeing from me over the next few weeks is pink and purple. Learn to love it! Embrace it! Domestic violence is also not just something that women are victims of. I am lucky to be in a wonderful marriage with a loving and supportive husband, but I wasn’t so lucky in my previous marriage. In fact, I was very unlucky, and continue to pay for it physically. And you people wonder why I’m so snarky!

bc and dv

And yet ANOTHER cause I want for you to take part of:

That is THIS Wednesday!!!
septilin price license That is THIS Wednesday!!!

So! Now that I have bombarded you with enough causes to make you see sideways, there is one thing I want you to see very clearly: people DIE from cancer and domestic violence. Every minute of every single day. Those police officers that I am asking you to honor with your blue ribbons Wednesday are the ones who have the power to do something about the domestic violence. They risk their lives to serve and protect us every single day. As the wife of a law enforcement officer, I beg of you to please, next time you see one, walk up to them and shake their hand and thank them for what they do. They could choose to do anything else, but they chose to do this.

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Until next time, stay smart, or stay smart sassy!



5 thoughts on “Sarcasm gets older”

  1. I am a domestic violence survivor and my Mama passed away in March from colon cancer that spread to her ovaries, uterus, pancreas, lung and breast. My grandmother and best friend were taken by breast cancer also. Right now I have to focus on my grandson fighting AML. Cancer is everywhere.
    I too carry scars, physical and mental from over 20 yrs of physical, emotional and sexual abuse that I was told that I deserved because I was such a bad wife, mother, daughter, etc. I can finally stand proud of where I have come from.

  2. Love the bracelet. I am not a pink girl but I do care about breast cancer. Also, as a survivor myself of domestic abuse I am very aware of how important awareness is. I never got the.police involved (I knew better). But with God’s help and the help of my best friend/soul mate I was able to get away with my life and future. I know so many are not that.lucky. sorry for what you went thru.

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