Shaped Bead Challenge

Updated 6/19/16


You must email your pictures (no more than 2, which can be 2 entries or 2 pics of 1 entry) to no later than 12 Noon CST Saturday, 7/2/16. Please include your full name and address, as well as your Facebook handle! You MUST be an email subscriber to this blog! The winner will be posted on next week’s blog and ALL entries will be posted too!

YOUR MISSION: Make a design you have never done before and do NOT use the pattern as written (please get the designer’s permission to do this and please purchase whatever pattern you use from them!) because you will be doing it WITHOUT the use of ANYnumbered (ex. 6,8,11,15/0) seed beads, make the pattern. In other words, use ONLY shaped beads! You MAY use numbered seed beads ONLY for attaching clasps or earwires.

Challenge is only open to U.S. and Canadian residents. I just can’t afford the shipping overseas, and apparently there are some restrictions in place for shipping outside the U.S. in contests at the moment. Sorry. ?

That’s the only clues you get! Beads are not cheap, so in order to do this, I’m digging in to my own pockets. If you are generous, please hit the donate button on this page to help me out! It also helps out with my web fees!

Once photos of entries are submitted, they become the property of Sarcastic Beads and Yarn and/as Becca’s Beaded Bangles. They may or may not be used for publicity or promotional purposes in future blog postings, social media, audio and/or video presence, and printed materials.

Here is a GREAT example of beadwork that does not use any numbered seed beads by Akke Jonkhof! You can find the pattern HERE.

"Crown Bracelet"
“Crown Bracelet”
"Crown Bracelet"
“Crown Bracelet”







Susan McCartney "Braided Stripes" Necklace by Ginas Gems Creations
usan McCartney “Braided Stripes” Necklace by Ginas Gems Creations
Susan McCartney "Classic Crystals" Design by Ginas Gems Creations
Susan McCartney “Classic Crystals” Design by Gina’s Gems Creations








Celia Cobos - Superduo Daisy Bracelet
Celia Cobos – “Pretty Posies” designed by Jill Wiseman


Celia Cobos - Superduo Daisy Earrings
Celia Cobos – “Pretty Posies” Earrings






Susan Sassoon
Susan Sassoon
Susan Sassoon - "Diamond Silk"
Susan Sassoon – “Diamond Silk”

Erin Wyatt - Necklace design inspired by Kelly Dale's "Get the Ball Rolling"
Erin Wyatt – Necklace inspired by Kelly Dale’s “Get the Ball Rolling”
Erin Wyatt - "Pearl Flower" design by Kelly Dale
Erin Wyatt – “Pearl Flower” by Kelly Dale
Bracelets Galore
Bracelets Galore
Connie Norrell - "Dream Catcher" by Kelly Dale
Connie Norrell – “Dream Catcher” by Kelly Dale


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