Sarcasm is Wired – with Wine!

best way to buy propecia Not-all-girls-are-made-of-sugar-spice-and-everythi Welcome back to another week of snarky sarcasm, beading, and…..WIRE! Yup, I’m going to depart from my own beading for a bit (but only a bit – actually only a few paragraphs!) to talk about Wire & Wine! See, I like to drink wine – a LOT! It gets me through the long, tough days of grandchildren, beading, dental work, financial woes – and they are a-PLENTY right now (see my Paypal donation button on this page, please – Ha!), stressing that I won’t make it until I can pour my next glass, and generally just breathing. But I digress…

purinethol santé canada If you are a regular reader, and I just know all of you are, you remember me posting about my Sis/BFF’s wedding that I not only attended, was in, and did the jewelry for.  Today I would like to introduce you to her fabulous jewelry creations and her Facebook page, Wire & Wine!

wine sign

She paints too – she is just TOO multi-talented!

She does this incredible job of taking found objects from the beaches around where she lives in South Alabama, along with deer antlers, wine corks, bullets, and basically anything you give to her, and makes this incredibly cool and wearable jewelry from it!




Please head over to her page on Facebook and check out her incredibly cool and different stuff! It is the sister page to my Becca’s Beaded Bangles Facebook page (see what I did there – sister page for my Sis? Ha!) If you have something cool lying around your own house that you are not quite sure what you were going to do with, maybe consider having her turn it in to a cool piece of jewelry for you or a loved one! We would also love if you would share her page on your own Facebook pages, and thanks in advance!

Soooo, back to my own beading! Nothing new to show except…..that this little piece below:

"Penny Pincher"

“Penny Pincher”

Yup, that’s the one. “Penny Pincher” was one of 14 winners in the Potomac Bead Company Design Challenge 2016! I’m not sure if Potomac will be doing a video tutorial, but if they do not, I will be publishing a written one once I know!

That’s it for me this week. I’m off to see the grandbabies! Don’t forget to leave me some words of wisdom in the comment section below, cuz I adore hearing from you! Also, if you wouldn’t mind helping me out with a donation via the Paypal button up top to help out with my page expenses, I would so appreciate you! Have a great week everyone!

Until next time, stay smart, or stay smart sassy!