Sarcasm Needs Your Votes!

Yup, just as the title says, Sarcasm (me, HA!) needs your votes! Today will be short and sweet folks, because I have been having seizures all weekend. Bello Modo is having their annual bead challenge in which I have two entries. Prize winners win gift certificates, and thanks to the very expensive new meds for my seizures, I can’t buy beads like I used to, so I NEED to win! Winners are determined by votes in the comment section of their blog showing the 15 entries.

If you wouldn’t mind going over to their blog  can i get cytotec without a prescription? HERE and voting for my entries, numbers 12 and 13, I would REALLY appreciate it! Voting lasts all week and then they will post the winners Friday. I know my readers certainly ROCK and will help me out!

Speaking of contests, don’t forget that I have one going on too, my Pin It To Win It! It lasts until 11:59 p.m. C.S.T. 2/28/17. Once you register by filling out the form, check your email or Pinterest notifications and you will see where you have been added to the Pinterest board to post your pics of your entries.

That’s it for now! Stay smart, or stay smart sassy!


Sarcasm Shows Off the Prize Pack!


Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

If you are a parent or grandparent, then you probably know that this week is what is considered Dr. Seuss week for the “Read Across America” initiative at most schools, because it would have been Dr. Seuss’s 112th birthday this Wednesday. At my grandson’s school, they are doing something different every day. A different book, a different way to dress (within their uniform restrictions) and having reading programs galore. Read to your kids and grandkids, not just this week, but blog here every single night! Not only do they benefit from learning words, phonics, letters, enunciation, and so much more, but YOU benefit by the quality time spent with your babies. There is absolutely nothing more precious than that.

So my blog has the little thing called a look at this web-site CHALLENGE going on right now. If you are a regular reader, follow me on Facebook, or just about any other social media platform, then you have probably. heard about the Sarcastic Beads and Yarn Challenge Spring 2016 I’m holding over on Facebook. The rules are posted on the event page, but in short, you MUST be an email subscriber to this blog, and you HAVE to have liked my page on Facebook HERE. To subscribe to my blog from a desktop device, look in the upper left hand corner of this page for the subscriber box. Mobile users, just scroll down to the end of the page just past the comments to find that same box.

I have received a lot of great entries this week, which can be found by linking to the Contest Entries page in the Menu section for you mobile users, and the top of the page for desktop users. If you are submitting an entry, please be sure to include whose design you are using, the name of the design, and which of the Pantone colors (from the official Pantone Spring color palette below) you are representing. Each night, and sometimes throughout the day, I will upload your pictures to the official Challenge page here on the blog. Remember, you have until 11:59 p.m. on 3/18/16 to get your entries in, and you can enter as many times as you want!

Your "must stick to if I wanna win" design colors!

Your “must stick to if I wanna win” design colors!

So, without further ado, let’s get into the goodies that the Grand Prize Winner will get, courtesy of Potomac Bead Company out of Hagerstown, MD, and Nathan and Allie Buchman! This prize pack consists of eight packs of RounDuo beads, three packs of RounTrio beads, three packs of Faceted RounTrio beads, eight tubes of DiscDuo beads, four packs of Czech Cup Buttons, including one that is a multi-pack of 30 different buttons, a mixed pack of 10 Czech Crystal Buttons (omg they are SO pretty!), a mixed pack of 14mm Potomac Crystal Rivolis, a two pack of 18mm Potomac Crystal Rivolis, three tubes of Potomac 3x4mm Crystal Rondelle beads, Piggy beads, O-beads, Flower Cup beads, and three tubes of Super Duos. Now all of that, with the exception of just a few things are EXCLUSIVE to Potomac.

Grand Prize Winner's Prize Pack, courtesy of Potomac Bead Co., Hagerstown, MD.

And if you don’t win the whole darn thing, don’t worry kids! Bello Modo has generously offered up a $50.00 Gift Certificate for the runner-up! Man, oh man, I wish I could enter my own Challenge! I have been drooling over this stuff since it (finally, after I chased it down at the post office!) got here! Yeah, don’t get me started on the postal service…..Suffice it to say that Amazon Prime knows better than to use them for any more of my shipments!

So, what do you have to do? Subscribe to my blog, like my Facebook page, and get those entries in! If you have ANY questions, please post them on the event page, so that way, the question is answered for everyone else that may have the same question. If it is something you do not feel comfortable posting publicly, then just email me at Super simple.


Keep in mind that I am up to my eyeballs in my own orders right now and I do run my grandbabies carpool every day twice a day, so if I don’t get back to you right away, be patient. I’m usually pretty good though about getting back within an hour. And you know the drill, SHOW ME SOME LOVE PEOPLE!!! You can always comment below. Ya know I love that little dinging sound my phone makes when you do!

Don’t forget to check out the entries on the contest page and GET THOSE ENTRIES IN!

Until next time, stay smart, or stay smart sassy!