Sarcasm Reviews Another Board!


If you are like me, if you shake the family tree all kinds of nuts are bound to fall out. With my nutcase, she has lost her freaking mind! I remember all the stories my mom told me as I was growing up about how she wasn’t allowed to see or communicate with her father because my grandmother was trying to spite him by keeping his kids from him. In the end, all it ever really hurt were the kids. They grew up not knowing the real story behind it, and resentful of everyfreakingone involved. As one of you kindly pointed out to me on Facebook the other day, you can always pick and choose your friends, but family is forever!

Such is my situation now with my grandchildren. I’m not allowed to see or have any contact whatsoever with them.  Apparently I am a nutcase and a danger to them. The babies that I have seen and driven around nearly every single day of their lives. I ask, if I was a danger then what does it say about the person allowing me to drive them around all this time? I know the truth, and one day, they will too. Such is my life as it is, and probably why the Cardiologist sent me straight from their office-do not pass go-do not collect $200 to the hospital the other day. Turns out, I had pneumonia to boot.

So after yet another hospitalization, I come to you with reviews on more of the best known tool to a beader – the beading board! And for those of you who are in doubt as to who actually invented these wonderful things, let me tell you, I have an old (and far too grainy to scan in here) picture of my Cherokee great-great-grandmother stringing her Indian beadwork on a piece of wood covered in the hide of some poor animal’s skin. So sorry Deidre, you may have invented the “Bead On It” brand, my dear, you did NOT in fact invent the beading board. Heck, I guess with that picture I could claim the rights if I wanted to! LMBO

I am back to beading again!!!!! I am still by no means caught up, but added a couple of clasps to somethings I had otherwise finished and also tried a friend’s pattern, “Diamond Eyes,” by Michele Klous. She has another pattern, “Alien Eyes” that I am itching to try out too!

"Crown Bracelet" design by Akke Jonkhof

“Crown Bracelet” design by Akke Jonkhof


"Diamond Eyes"

“Diamond Eyes”

For “Diamond Eyes” I used Arcos in pastel sapphire blue, montana blue Diamonduos, 2x3mm montana blue Potomac Bead Company crystal rondelles, 4mm navy blue pearls, and gold lined crystal demi beads with a Potomac cup button closure.

And what college football starter week would be complete without me doing something about my beloved Auburn Tigers? This is another one of Anna Lindell’s “Wicker” bangles. I liked the design so much, I made one for myself in my Tigers signature orange and blue!

"Wicker Bangle"

“Wicker Bangle”

Anywho, last week Ruth Ann Miller The Bead Pad lady, sent me one of her great 11×14 oval boards. Super board, with a slight bit of heft to it, and the outer upholstered fabric is very thick and durable.  It has a contact shelf liner non-skid bottom and is very sturdy. She was also kind enough to send me some of her bead corrals in both the original plastic, and her newer model, the rubber ones. These little circles are really quite handy to keep your bead piles from running into one another and the rubber ones are great for not sliding around the board. I like both the plastic and the rubber ones, because sometimes you need to move an entire pile of beads to make room for another project, say when they one you are working on is driving you bonkers! Plus, she sent it in purple! Everything is better in purple!

The Bead Pad

The Bead Pad

Ok, so here is where I beg and plead of you to help me with my web fees. They are due this week (this every few months having to pay thing is for the birds) and without them, I won’t be back next week. There should be a Paypal donation button thingy along the side of your screen or on the bottom or wherever they plant it this week, but if not, I would HUGELY appreciate anything you can send my way to – I can provide a receipt for tax purposes or whatever if you need it. Seriously folks, I won’t be back next week if this isn’t paid. Annnnndddd to top it off, everything on my website is 50% off!!! Custom orders are 40% off too! Use code BLOG at checkout. If I get to come back to you guys next week, I have a “Dilly” (that’s a huge hint, btw!) of a bead board to review!

Until next time (if I raise the $$$), stay smart or stay smart sassy!


Sarcasm has a YouTube Tutorial!


Hey everyone, SO sorry to be running late this week, but well, I was in the hospital with this crater thing on my arm, and what was thought to be a spider bite turned out to be a nasty infection that was REALLY resistant to the antibiotics – even the IV ones!

Anywho, y’all remember my “Penny Pincher” bracelet? You know, the one that was one of the winners of the Potomac Bead Company 2016 Design Challenge? You know, THIS one!

"Penny Pincher"

“Penny Pincher”

Well, a lot of you have been asking for a tutorial for it, and though I haven’t finished the written one yet, Potomac Bead Company has posted a VIDEO tutorial of it by Allie Buchman, which can be found HERE.

I absolutely ADORE the colors she chose, and though I used a one needle approach in making mine, she simplified it (yes it DOES simplify it!) by using a two needle approach. Also, if you want a ruffled look to the bracelet, add three o-beads instead of two on the outer edges!

Another thing, I want to apologize for my rant last week about what happened at the LBS where I live. Yes, she stole quite a bit of my things, but with the assistance of my local police department, I WAS able to retrieve SOME of it, though the more expensive items “could not be found.” So, I am out over $500 in tools and supplies. If you want to help me out here, I would definitely appreciate it, and you can do so by hitting that Paypal button on the side/top/bottom of the page.

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Until next time, stay smart, or stay smart sassy!


Sarcasm Does a Wedding (by Jill Wiseman!)


Did ya miss me? Sorry about not posting last week, but as I mentioned previously, my Sis got married last weekend and I was out of town to participate in her taking of the vows, though I nearly missed the boat on that one, literally!

See, she got married on a freaking boat in the middle of the Mobile Bay here in Alabama, and I was running late getting there to begin with, cuz I overslept staying up trying to finish her jewelry. Then, the hubby and I got lost trying to find the boat landing! She was literally standing on the dock waving us on as we hauled our behinds down the stairs to the dock! Luckily, it turned out to be a beautiful day and I bawled throughout their vows…and I’m not a crier!


That’s me on the left – crying! My beautiful Sis, Abby Green-Catrett, is the one holding the flowers (in case ya missed it!), and her daughter Skylar between us.

So I promised you a pic of the wedding jewelry and here it is!


For the bride’s necklace, I did a six ladder herringbone rope in translucent seafoam with a  matte AB smoky amethyst in 2 of the alternating ladders. The smoky amethyst has a real seashell hue to it, and the theme of the wedding was beach inspired. The herringbone was inspired by Jill Wiseman, and since I have been putting off for so darn long learning it, I used her tutorial for basic tubular herringbone, which can be found HERE.

Another technique I learned from Jill Wiseman for the wedding was tubular netting, which I used in the bride’s bracelet, Jill’s “Flower Power” bracelet. Tubular netting, if you haven’t tried it, is incredibly fast to work up, and is my new go-to stitch for beaded ropes when I need something quick for a beaded or bezeled pendant! You can find the pattern and instructions for this double wrap bracelet with a two button closure in Jill’s book, Jill Wiseman’s Beautiful Beaded Ropes: 24 Wearable Jewelry Projects in Multiple Stitches. When you purchase from Jill Wiseman Designs (which is where my link takes you), Jill will personalize and autograph your copy (so mention in the comments of your checkout if you go by a different name, or if the book is for someone else) and you also get an exclusive necklace pattern as well!

The bride’s mother, sister, and daughter all wore the flat spirals that I made that I showed you in my last posting. So, when I say it was a wedding by Jill Wiseman, it was! I may have made the jewelry, but Jill either designed or inspired what I made! Thank you so much Jill! I also want to thank Jill for my endless bugging of her that I did in Facebook messenger and in her Facebook group, Jill Wiseman’s Beautiful Beaded Ropes, which is a place where you can go and share your own work of Jill’s patterns, be inspired by others work, or get the latest on Jill’s furbabies, Winston and Abbey Rose. They are so adorable!

And now for a moment of truth. One of the reasons, I did not post last week was because I was unable to access my domain until my web fees were paid. Not something I’m proud of, and certainly not something I care to admit. I am literally begging you to hit that Paypal donation button to help me keep this site running or I will have to take it down. I have some circumstances going on in my personal life that are financially draining me in ways I did not have to consider when I undertook this blog. The Paypal account that your donations go to is strictly set aside for web fees and nothing else. If anyone would like a statement of proof, I will happily provide it. I just ask that you please help me keep this site going. I enjoy doing it as much as (hopefully) you enjoy reading it. Thank you so much to the now 27,000+ of you out there!!!

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Sarcasm Shows Beautiful Work

easter bunny

Happy Easter! I hope everyone has had a pleasant day. I have spent it with my husband and our granddaughter watching her play with all her books and assorted goodies the Easter Bunny brought her overnight to our house. It was so cute this morning after she ate breakfast watching her march around the living room looking for her “prizes.” That’s what we had to tell her so she would go off and look! She is a very precarious little 19 month old, and smart as a whip! To convince her to do something she isn’t sure of though is quite a feat!

I apologize for the lateness of the hour of posting this week, but as you can see, my blog undertook a makeover today! Then, just as I was getting ready to sit down and post to you all, a succession of transformers in my neighborhood blew up, causing my power to go out for a few hours. Only thing worse than having your power and your wi-fi out? Having it out at dusk with a toddler who wants their dinner NOW! lol

power out

I have had one heck of a week. I finished up the Sarcastic Beads and Yarn Spring 2016 Bead Challenge, got the winnings shipped off and no sooner had I taped the envelope shut than I got the phone call from my distraught daughter that my ex-husband had passed away. Though he wasn’t my daughter’s father (we didn’t even get married until she was nearly 10), they had stayed in touch in the years after our divorce, and she was upset about his passing, though it was expected. Her “stepdad” (and I use the term very loosely, because he has loved her as his own for the last 12 years) immediately went to go pick up our granddaughter so she could be with my ex’s family in their time of grief.

Even though my daughter hasn’t been his step-daughter in nearly 13 years, his family still listed her and my grandchildren as HIS in the obituary. I have to admit it stung that they would claim MY family as his, but then I thought about it, and realized how awful it must have been to die alone, with no one by his side, found by a nearby relative the next morning. Even though he was a very big public figure where we live, he was still alone. No matter how bad people treat others, they should not have to die alone. I pray that doesn’t happen to me, but then, I have my husband, daughter and grandchildren.

Last week I announced that Bridget Cook’s “Layers of Love” bracelet had won the Challenge. I shipped off her bead haul to her Monday, and since she lives in a neighboring state, she received it pretty quick. I would say she was pretty darn happy with it!


Bridget Cook with her Grand Prize Pack of bead and findings

The five individuals who judged the Challenge (whom I can not thank enough!) not only picked a winner and a runner-up, but each went out of their way to give me some names of entries that deserved further recognition as Honorable Mentions.  If you have been watching the entry page, you may already suspect which ones some of these are. This week I would like to recognize them. To see their true beauty, please click on their pictures and you can see them up close!

Our runner-up with Jill Wiseman’s “Forever Tango” bracelet was Peggy Houser, but she also submitted a beautiful version of the Trendsetters pattern by Nichole Starman, “Chrysanthemum.”

Peggy Houser - Trendsetter's "Chrysanthemum" by Nichole Starman

Peggy Houser – Trendsetter’s “Chrysanthemum” by Nichole Starman

Hilary Coulter submitted several entries, but the ones that really stood out to the judges with her use of the color palette were her designs from Allie Buchman of Potomac Bead Company. Her “Misty Meadows” and “Dropping Flowers” bracelets were absolutely beautifully done, especially with the Czech cup button clasp finishes.

Hilary Coulter - "Dropping Flowers"

Hilary Coulter – “Dropping Flowers”

Hilary Coulter - "Misty Meadows"

Hilary Coulter – “Misty Meadows”








Debbie Steele Talley submitted a  lovely version of Jill Wiseman’s “Mambo” bracelet. I just love the way the clasp is hidden in the best part of the entire bracelet!

Debbie Steel Talley - Jill Wiseman's "Mambo" bracelet

Debbie Steel Talley – Jill Wiseman’s “Mambo” bracelet

And then there was Erin Wyatt’s submission of Allie Buchman’s Flat spiral bracelet using just about all of the Challenge colors! It was a thing of beauty! And to top that, she did a beautiful rendition of Jill’s “Pretty Posies” necklace, to boot!

Erin Wyatt - Allie's Flat Spiral

Erin Wyatt – Allie’s Flat Spiral

Erin Wyatt - Jill Wiseman's "Pretty" Posies"

Erin Wyatt – Jill Wiseman’s “Pretty” Posies”

And finally, (and please keep in mind that these were in no particular order) there was Dorothy Ferris fantastic version of Allie Buchman’s “Castanets” bracelet. Not only did she do a wonderful job with her beadwork, but her photography is lovely as well!

Dorothy Ferris - "Castanets"

Dorothy Ferris – “Castanets”

These are just but a few examples of the wonderful submissions I received in the Challenge. I hope to do another Bead Challenge in the Fall/Winter season. BUT, if you all keep up the pace with helping reach all these milestones with my blog, who knows?

You all are amazing. I can’t thank you enough for reading my ramblings each and every week. One thing though, my web fees are getting really expensive and I don’t know how much longer I can keep it up. I have a little donation box up at the top right corner of the blog if you wouldn’t mind kicking in a few dollars every once in a while to help out? I would  apps for teenage dating SO appreciate it! Your donations would not be coming to me in the form of your financial info or anything, as a matter of fact, it goes directly into my GoDaddy account for the fees here.

I really love coming to each and every one of you each week and would hate to stop. I know this week has been a Debbie Downer, but it was honestly hard for me to get up enough strength to post at all. I promise it won’t be like that again.  Next week I will be bringing you some beading tips!

Until next time, stay smart, or stay smart sassy!



Sarcasm learns a new stitch


Welcome to November! Yup, Halloween is gone, Thanksgiving will be here before we know it and then ta-da! HOLIDAYS!!! You know, those things that every artist madly scrambles for three or four months before, trying to get ready for and then completely over-makes enough inventory to last until next summer? That’s exactly what I usually do, but with my current orders I am trying to keep up with, I will be lucky to have anything red or green, blue or white, or whatever else color comes in between!

I have to tell you about the UH-mazing group of Ladies on Facebook. There is a public group called The Ladies Artisan Group. They are a multi-talented group of women who share their work in hopes of selling it, and I have got to tell you, they are one amazingly talented group. From watercolors to jewelry to glasswork, and everything in between, you will not find a more talented group of women. This month they had a contest to see which works would be on their cover/banner photo for the group and I was honored to have one of my works chosen to be one featured in the photo. You can find their group here. They are just an amazing group of ladies. The picture below is the one of mine that they included in their banner.

watermarked-blue skies

Blue lace agate in freeform peyote bezel with 18 inch Chenille stitch rope

Another thing I got to celebrate this week was my page Becca’s Beaded Bangles on Facebook not only hit 1,000 likes, but went past it! I am beyond thrilled and honored to have so many of you kind people looking at and liking my page on Facebook and can not thank you enough! Everything I do is sewn one tiny little bead at a time, and I LOVE what I do, but you all make it so worth it. You ROCK!!! Thank you!!!

So, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am working on the new flat chenille stitch that came out in Beading Daily’s email this week. Regular chenille stitch is my go-to stitch for ropes and bracelets anyway, so I definitely wanted to give this a go. I am finding this just as easy, if not easier than regular chenille! You can find it on Beading Daily here, but I’m going to go ahead and give it to you right here on my blog!

This is from Diana Balogh:

For this pattern, Diana used size 15 seed beads (A) and size 11 seed beads (B), but you could use all size 11 seed beads for a different look.

Row 1: Add a stop bead to the end of a comfortable length of thread. String 8B ways to reply to how are you online dating (Fig. 1, blue thread).

Row 2: String 1A, 1B, and 1A; pass back through the second-to-last B of Row 1. String 1A and pass back through the next 2B of Row 1; repeat. String 1A; pass back through the next B of Row 1 (Fig. 2, red thread).

Flat Chenille Stitch Figure 1

Flat Chenille Stitch Figure 1


Row 3: String 1A and 1B; pass back through the last A of Row 2. String 2B and pass through the next A of the previous row; repeat twice. Weave through beads to exit from the last B added, toward the center of the work (Fig. 2).

Flat Chenille Stitch Figure 2

Flat Chenille Stitch Figure 2


Row 4: String 1A and pass back through the next 2B of Row 3; repeat twice (Fig. 3).

Flat Chenille Stitch Figure 3

Flat Chenille Stitch Figure 3


Row 5: String 2B and pass back through the next A of Row 4; repeat twice. String 2B; square-stitch to the adjacent 2B of Row 3, then exit through the first B of the 2B just added (Fig. 4).

Flat Chenille Stitch Figure 4

Flat Chenille Stitch Figure 4


Row 6: String 1A; pass through the next B of Row 5. String 1A and 1B; pass back through the first A of this row and the following 2B of Row 5. String 1A and pass back through the next 2B of Row 5; repeat twice (Fig. 5).

Flat Chenille Stitch Figure 5

Flat Chenille Stitch Figure 5


Rows 7 and on: Repeat Rows 2 – 6 to the desired length.

Here is my completed sample:

Flat Chenille Stitch

Flat Chenille Stitch

Thanks to Beading Daily for the diagrams and directions! I hope you find this as informative and fun as I have! I love this newer take on chenille stitch! It has great possibilities for things such as embellishing, using buttons as closures, and other things. I have a few ideas myself I can’t wait to try out!

I hope this week finds you happy, healthy, and full of candy, ha! As always, please leave me a comment and let me know what YOU are up to this week and what you would like to see from me in the future! Leave me a sarcasm meme and I will use it in a future blog! If you are new to my blog, don’t forget to sign up in that little box at the top/side to get my snarky sarcasm about beads and sometimes yarn directly in your email inbox!

Until next week, stay smart or stay smart sassy!



Sarcasm has a busy week


Welcome back to another week of snarky beading! So this week has been the week from heck! 5 days of beading and crochet, 4 days of keeping grandbabies, 3 days of getting to work on my beading at my favorite bead shop, The Enchanted Bead with my favorite Bead Fairy, Cyn Wilson, 2 days of of Kindergarten for my grandson, and 1 day of a first birthday party for my Doodlebug! (and a partridge in a pear treeeeeee!)

Jackson's 1st Day of Kindergarten

Jackson’s 1st Day of Kindergarten

Adalyn (Doodlebug) enjoying her first birthday cake!

Adalyn (Doodlebug) enjoying her first birthday cake!

 I can’t believe how time flies. It seems like yesterday we were at the hospital when Jackson was born, and now both of them are such independent little beings now.  Jackson is fascinated by my beading and crochet and wants to learn “how to put the beads together like you do, Gamma.” Adalyn is feisty and independent, but very much a Gamma’s girl!

Anyway, I managed to sneak in some beading this week. In between attempts at trying to cuss my way through attempting a couple of RAW (right angle weave) bracelets, I did manage to teach myself a modified herringbone stitch with some super duos and came up with this bracelet.

Instead of using my standard toggle clasp though, I wanted something different, so I purchased  a button from Walmart in my local store. It was a cute, little wooden button. A word of advice though. You always want to get one with two holes vs. four holes, not only for aesthetic appeal, but it is much easier to secure to your bracelet. Then you just sew a loop of seed beads to the opposite end of your finished bracelet to loop around the button for closure. Anyway this is what I came up with.

watermarked-sd hb watermarked-sd hb4This was done with a combination of a modified herringbone stitch and right angle weave with Picasso turquoise bronze super duos and 8/0 chocolate opaque seed beads. It took about three hours to make the bracelet itself, and the clasp including sewing the button and measuring out the loop for the seed beads to go around the button about half an hour. The bracelet is about an inch wide by 7 1/2 inches in length. Two hole seed beads and Czech mates are my favorites to work with, or haven’t you realized that?

I would love to hear from you on suggestions of what you would like to see, or what you are seeing in my posts by leaving a comment below. Don’t forget to sign up for my email subscription where you will get a bonus post or two each week, also! All you people who haven’t signed up yet missed out on a great recipe this week! Just kidding, if you scroll down to the next post, you will find it. BUT, my email subscribers got it first! Nah, nah, nah, nah, nahhhhhh!!!! Pffffftttt!!!!

Until next time. Stay smart, or stay smart sassy!