Sarcasm Inherited FB_IMG_1437733572739 Sarcasm comes naturally to me. It is something that I basically inherited and learned from my Dad, who would have turned 66 today. Sadly and suddenly, I lost him 2 years ago. For a long time after he died I had no desire to do anything, and definitely no desire to be creative. But with an amazing support system of family and friends, especially Cyn Wilson of The Enchanted Bead, I began to live my life again, albeit on shaky ground. I finally found my bead muse whispering in my ear that it was time to move on and create something beautiful. watermarked-chenille heart Buy Fildena super active “Coming Out of the Darkness”

This a 3 inch rose quartz heart my (at the time) 3 year old grandson found at the McWane Center Gift Shop while I was at a doctor’s appointment in Birmingham, Alabama. They have a lot of really cool geodes and cabochons for sale for junior rockhounds. I bezeled it with freeform peyote in black and translucent grey AB and made an 18 inch chenille rope in black and silver. Oh, and by the way, heart-shaped cabochons are not the easiest in the world to bezel!

Cyn encouraged me to place it in her glass showcase, and within a few days of doing so, a customer came in and purchased it on the spot. It was my first jewelry sale – ever. I would like to think my Dad was watching over me and had something to do with that. I named it “Coming Out of the Darkness” because my heart was shrouded in black, like the necklace. I so enjoyed making that piece, and have done several others similar to it since.

I don’t have any snarkiness for you today. I’m remembering my Dad and have been very sick the last few days, but I forge through. I’m playing with the new Czechmate bars and quadra tiles I got Friday from Artbeads, and the Tango triangle beads I got yesterday from Too Cute Beads. I can’t wait to show you what I come up with working with all of those new beads! As always, please leave me a comment and sign up to receive my weekly dose of snark directly in your inbox!

Until next time, stay smart or stay smart sassy!


Sarcasm faces a challenge


So every month for the last few months I have been participating in the Dry Gulch Beads & Jewelry monthly color design challenge. You can find this month’s challenge here. They post a color pallete every month and you have to design something amazing using those colors. I love the challenge of finding something that will fit withing the color parameters, and they are generous enough to award a $50 gift certificate to their 1st place pick, and a $25 gift certificate to 2nd, to be used in their store or website. This month’s challenge was unique in that it was all one color family. Simple, right? Nooooooo. I had to make it difficult, and pull out every stinking green shade of bead, gemstone, ribbon, etc. that I owned and try and put them ALL together. Then, while checking out a newer beading technique I had been reading about over on Fusion Beads, I decided to try it out with those colors and voila! This is what I came up with! I posted my entry on the challenge page along with a little challenge of my own: what to name it? The winner? I present to you “Twisted Tranquility.” I made this using 6mm Swarovski pearls and size 11 seed beads with a silver clasp. The technique is called a flat spiral rope.

watermarked-Twisted TranquilityI have also come across some incredible opportunities with wire wrapping and crochet this week, thanks to some free patterns from some very generous Facebook friends. With wire wrapping, I am working on the “Down in the Valley” cabochon wrapping tutorial, thanks to Linda Taylor-Ricci of Ricci Designs Wire Wrap on Etsy. In crochet, I am (and cussing, but with love) making a dress for my granddaughter’s first birthday pictures from a pattern by Strings and Cuddles. I will post the finished pictures of both when I finish swearing my way through them!

Well that about wraps (wire, yarn) it up for this week!

Stay smart or stay smart sassy!