Sarcasm does a Beaded Bezel Tutorial

Welcome back to another fun-filled week of snark, honorable mentions from the Challenge, some of my beadwork (yes, I┬áhave found┬ásome time to bead, despite everything that has been going on!), and a tutorial! This is going to be a long … Read more

Sarcasm does Cellini (with a tutorial!)

Ok, I had oral surgery Tuesday, so I am NOT in the best, or for that matter, the straightest frame of mind. (Thank you pharmaceutical industry for pain meds!) Fasten your seatbelt folks, cuz this is going to be short, … Read more

Sarcasm does a Cellini Spiral

Tis the season. Christmas is this very week and it’s kinda hard to be snarky about something so important as the celebration of the birth of Christ and our celebration of it. But then again, there is the months of … Read more

Sarcasm thinks pink

I love, love, love, my grandbabies. They are my heart, soul, and world. When my 5-year-old grandson was getting ready to start kindergarten this year, I was not just excited for him though, I was excited for me! Let me … Read more

Sarcasm wins a Design Challenge!

I tend to be just a wee bit more sarcastic to the people I love and like, so if I’m straight up nice to you, then you have to wonder what I really think about you. Luckily for most, I’m … Read more

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