Sarcasm Presents Bead Embroidery as Therapy

One of the things that I have learned throughout my life is that stress brings out the worst (and usually the nastiest) snarky sarcasm to come out of my mouth. This year however, has been a humbling experience for me … Read more

Sarcasm does a Free Tubular Chenille Tute!

Every year without fail, my Mom and I used to go to the local Gem & Mineral Show here in Montgomery, AL to ooooh and ahhhh over all the gorgeous stones and be fascinated (well, I was, anyway) at the … Read more

Sarcasm demonstrates Flat Chenille – Part 2

I am VERY active in my Neighborhood Crime Watch, and that includes keeping up with all the postings in our neighborhood group on Facebook so that I can pass along any related posts. Unfortunately, our Facebook group is slam full … Read more

Sarcasm learns a new stitch

Welcome to November! Yup, Halloween is gone, Thanksgiving will be here before we know it and then ta-da! HOLIDAYS!!! You know, those things that every artist madly scrambles for three or four months before, trying to get ready for and … Read more

Sarcasm does Superduos

I have grandchildren that I love very, very much. I take care of them every single day except Saturdays. And boy, do I cherish my Saturdays! Not that I don’t love my Doodlebug and My Little Man, it’s just that … Read more

Sarcasm is a rockhound

sarcasm2A couple of years after I got into beading, my favorite Bead Fairy, Cyn Wilson, introduced me to the use of focal pieces in my work and how to do peyote bezels of cabochons. What, wait, these beautiful…! That’s right, rocks. Most people hear me talking about my rock obsession or see me scrolling through my Facebook feed looking at slabs and cabs and think either A.) she’s got a screw loose; or B.) does she know something I don’t and are these valuable? Well, the answer is B! The right kinds of rocks can be extremely valuable, and I have learned so much from them!


My favorites to work with are blue lace agate, moonstone, lepidolite, and pietersite. Most people who collect or buy mineral cabochons do so for wire wrapped jewelry. That is something that I desperately want to be good at, but right now I am all thumbs, as you can see.

My first wire wrapped cabochon, an agate wrapped in copper.
My first wire wrapped cabochon, an agate wrapped in copper.

I have discovered that I have a knack for bezeling these lovely stones with peyote stitch into some fairly decent looking pendants. Then they are either placed for sale in my online store here, or I add a beaded rope, usually done in chenille stitch, and sell them as necklaces, also in my online store. These two are available now. I so enjoyed doing this Shasta Chrysocolla cabochon mined in 1 specific mine from California in a hand beaded bezel of chocolate and mint to accentuate the lovely vein of Chrysocolla running through it. The cabochon was provided by Danny Wade. The black Chinese Writing Stone by Ken Sexton is incredible with its markings and challenging shape. It comes with an 18 inch black and silver chenille stitch beaded rope.

Chinese Writing Stone with 18 inch chenille stitch beaded rope.
Chinese Writing Stone hand bezeled with 18 inch chenille stitch beaded rope.
Shasta Chrysocolla mined in California hand bezeled in turquoise and chocolate Japanese seed beads.
Shasta Chrysocolla mined in California hand bezeled in turquoise and chocolate Japanese seed beads.

My husband keeps threatening to take my bank card away from me because of my rock addiction. I have a display case full, plus enough to fill another. That doesn’t even count all the dichroic glass, polymer clay, and resin cabochons. I have even started making a lot of my own polymer clay cabs for bead embroidery. I love to work with the sun/moon faces as focal pieces, but most of the ones you find for sale online are hand carved out of bone, making them rather pricey. I can make a dozen of them in whatever colors my piece calls for in less than half the money.

This has been a rough week. My home away from home, The Enchanted Bead had to close their doors permanently as of this past Friday at 5:00 p.m., due to the owner’s illness. Cyn Wilson has been a blessing to me, a sister, a friend, but most important, she is a survivor, and will fight like hell with her newest health challenge. I love her and will miss the bead shop, but more important, will miss seeing her on a regular basis. I have learned so much from her, and hope to continue to do so. I am currently working on a project in her honor.

Until next time, stay smart, or stay smart sassy!



Sarcasm Inherited

Sarcasm comes naturally to me. It is something that I basically inherited and learned from my Dad, who would have turned 66 today. Sadly and suddenly, I lost him 2 years ago. For a long time after he died I … Read more

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