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So I hear there was some kind of super important football game yesterday? I don’t follow professional football myself. I only follow college football, and boy do I follow it! I love my Auburn Tigers! My apologies for not posting yesterday, but well, to be perfectly honest, while the rest of the Football free world was worshiping the porcelain God from drinking too much, I was doing it with a virus – every freaking five minutes, starting at about 3 a.m. until well into the evening last night. And after all that, I was just TOO worn out to do anything but sleep!

But anyways, that sappy, roses and chocolates holiday we call Valentine’s Day is upon us this week, and what better way for a beader to celebrate than by making some heart themed jewelry? A few years ago, I got to playing around with my new superduos and I had some little key charms, so I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to actually make something for Valentine’s and call it “Key To My Heart” and at the same time, make it super easy? So last year, I wrote up a little tutorial for it. Well, I think the super easy part is true, but I will leave that up to you! There are no diagrams on this pattern, as it IS so dang easy. So anywho, hear ya go!


click this “Key to my Heart” © Becca’s Beaded Bangles 2015 prednisone yahoo answers

watermarked-Key to my heart-1

Bonuses Materials Needed:
30 super duos
17 size 8 seed beads (6 more if used for the jump ring)
22 size 11 seed beads (8 more if used for the jump ring)
14 size 15 seed beads
1 4mm pearl/round bead
1 key, briollette or other found object, magatama or drop bead
Wildfire Thread
Size 11 or 12 needle (I recommend Tulip needles in size 11)
This is a super simple pattern, so there is no diagram.

Secure one superduo on your Fireline (no need for a stop bead!) by going in a circle through both holes.
Add 1 size 8 then a super duo 7 times.
Add 1 size 11 then a super duo 7 times.
Add 2 size 11 then your key/found object/drop/magatama. Add 2 more size 11 beads and then a super duo.
Add 1 size 11 and a super duo 7 times.
Add 1 size 8 and then a super duo 9 times.
After exiting the last super duo, add a size 11 going through the second hole of the super duo 9 times.
Add 1 size 15, continuing through the second hole of the super duo 7 times.
Go through the second hole of the next super duo without adding a seed bead and then continue adding a size 15 bead 7 more times.
Add a size 11 bead 9 times (bringing you back to your found object.)
The next step is the most important – thread your Fireline back through both the outside and the inside of the heart 2-3 more times. This is important for tension and to keep your pendant from “flopping around.”
Add your 6 size 8 or 8 size 11 beads, circling through the top and center, size 8 bead for your jump ring. (Be sure to secure it by going through it 2-3 times.)

That’s it, you are done! Enjoy!

Please do not share or sell this pattern. It may be a simple design, but it is mine to share. If you wish to teach it, please contact me first for the proper permissions. I have made several of these and it takes a little over an hour to make one. One thing I would recommend though, is that you double up your thread or even use a thin wire like a 28 gauge, so it isn’t floppy when wearing or displaying it. I have found that either works fine.

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So, I mentioned last week that I am coming up on my 10,000th viewer of my blog and I was thinking about running a contest. YOU BETCHA!!! Start spreading the news, cuz as soon as I hit that magic number I am going to have a giveaway! Details are still in the works on some of the prizes, so I’m not going to give it way yet. The only requirements for you to be able to enter the contest are to a) be an email subscriber to my blog (there’s a sign up box floating around this page somewhere, depending on what device you are reading on) b) Like my page on Facebook; and c) Follow me on Twitter @beccas_bangles. As for the details of the contest, I’m still working that out, but it will be fun, and not your everyday run of the mill beading contest!

I hope you enjoy my pattern and if you have any questions, please comment below, message me on Facebook, or email me at Speaking of comments, I really like hearing from you! Every time my phone dings with one of your comments I just get all tingly inside! Ha! Am I starved for communication or what? I hope everyone has a great week, and that YOUR week started off a LOT better than mine did!

Until next time, stay smart, or stay smart sassy!