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I’m going to take a step back from beading this post to do something informative. Well, actually I took a step back from beading weeks ago due to a blood clot having to be surgically removed from my finger… So I’m crocheting like mad! Anywho, I was sent these top 5 smartphone apps for women’s safety and wanted to share with you.

Nearly every one of us has a smartphone these days. They are no doubt useful tools in a variety of ways if you know how to utilize the app stores associated with your operating system. With the holiday system upon us, I want you all to be safe, heck I want you safe all the time. So I thought I would share something that was sent to my inbox a few days ago. Whether you are armed with pepper spray or a Colt revolver, your smartphone can actually be the most useful weapon in your arsenal in a dimly lit parking lot with the use of one of these apps!

click reference SafetiPin
For the woman who is constantly on the move, SafetiPin is your new best friend. This app allows you to scope out safe areas by providing safety scores based on research, ratings, and statistics. Plus, it sends you alerts about any safety concerns in your area along with the necessary precautions to take.

buy a heart lyrics Hollaback!
Listed as one of CNN’s top safety apps, Hollaback! tackles street harassment head on. Users upload photos of harassers they encounter – from catcallers to individuals with groping hands – then they submit their story to be recorded and mapped on The goal is to end street harassment across the board. SOS – Stay Safe!
A woman can protect herself against acts of violence with this app. If ever you find yourself in a dangerous situation, just press the power button of your phone three times and an alert will be sent with your battery level and location to a preselected list of emergency contacts. You can even pay to upgrade the app and it’ll send a one-minute audio recording of your situation. Circle of 6
Created by four developers with backgrounds in sexual violence prevention, mobile technology, graphic design, and healthy relationship building, Circle of 6 is a simple alert app designed for college and high school students. Two taps are all it takes to send your location and predetermined emergency texts to your selected contacts.

Scream Alarm!
This app is simple yet effective. With one press of a button, a loud woman’s scream begins to play to hopefully scare your perpetrator away.

These are just the top 5 apps for women’s safety that I could find. There are dozens more for you to check out in your app store! So, please be safe and have a blessed and happy holiday season!

Until next time, stay smart or stay smart sassy!