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I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am LOVING the cooler temperatures now that October has arrived! As I said in an Dearlier post, you will be seeing a lot of pinks and purples this month from … can i buy zoloft in thailand

buy zoloft 50mg

Welcome to October! As I mentioned in my last post, not only is it Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but also Domestic Violence and Crime Prevention Awareness Month. All of these have affected me personally, and more than likely have affected … Read more

Sarcasm does a FREE pattern!

Ever have one of those weeks where you are grateful at the end of it that you didn’t need any bail money or a shovel to hide any bodies? Yup, that was me this week. By the way, I DESPISE … Read more

Sarcasm does Superduos

I have grandchildren that I love very, very much. I take care of them every single day except Saturdays. And boy, do I cherish my Saturdays! Not that I don’t love my Doodlebug and My Little Man, it’s just that … Read more

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