Sarcasm Heard There Is a Holiday?

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free online dating site that works So rumor has it there is a major American Holiday this week. While most of you are anticipating turkey, dressing (there is NO such thing as “stuffing” here in the South) and all the trimmings, and shopping Black Friday, the ONLY important thing going on this week in Alabama is the Iron Bowl. I love and respect my Alabama Crimson Tide friends any time of the year except THIS week. If you live in Alabama, you have to make a choice – you either are a well-educated, love being on The Plains of Auburn fan who greets other with “War Eagle” [sce emoji=”handshake”/] year-round instead of “hello,” or you pull for that other team, that salutes an elephant while saying “Roll Tide” [sce emoji=”envy”/].

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So all of you enjoy your meal (because of my health concerns we are doing a crab/shrimp boil), your shopping, and your hangovers from the wine. I’ll be dressed in my Orange and Blue Auburn Tigers attire saying “War Eagle” to EVERYONE! [sce emoji=”fistbump”/][] Have a VERY Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving everyone! [sce emoji=”heart”/] Until next time, stay smart, or stay smart sassy!

Becca – The Sarcastic Beader

Holiday WDE


Sarcasm Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving!


That time has come once again. You know, that one day a year where we gather as families to break bread together, or as I did last year, volunteer to serve others a hot meal, and give thanks for the many good things and blessings we have in our lives. Of course, for most of us, it means stuffing our faces so much, we fall asleep in front of the television and miss all the parades and football games, OR, work ourselves to the point of exhaustion cooking and cleaning for the relatives arrival, serving them, then cleaning up afterwards, only to find ourselves in some ridiculously long Black Friday line for a $69 television or something like that at midnight.

This year, I have my babies home with me for the first time in two years, as they usually are with my son-in-law’s family for Thanksgiving. But since his brother has only a few days home from deployment, they had their celebration with him this weekend. I want to thank Chad for his service to our country. Being in the Army is not just honorable, but a tough thing to do, especially when you get deployed the very same week you get married. Alex, his very sweet and beautiful wife has been a fortress, but still, misses her new husband very much. Having a lot of close and extended family has helped her get through these tough days. I admire both of them very much for their fortitude, love, and commitment to each other.

But since my babies and I are together, and my husband has to work (and he usually does the turkey cooking), we have decided to brave the crowds and do the going out to eat thing. No cooking, no cleanup, and we can go straight to the Old Navy Black Friday starts on Thanksgiving Day Sale

black friday

Whenever my daughter and I are together on Thanksgiving, we always hit Old Navy, and for that matter, even when we aren’t together! Half price jeans? I’m SO there! This year though, I need long sleeve shirts and sweaters because over the last 16 months, I lost over 150 pounds, so nothing fits me anymore. Not a thing. Weight loss – Yay! Buying new clothes – SUCKS! It gets expensive!

This year (online anyway) I am giving MAJOR thanks and props to you guys because not only has this blog had over 7,000 views, but my Facebook page, as of today has over 5,000 likes! Woohoo!!! As I have said before, you people absolutely ROCK!!! I love your support!

Anywho, I actually do have some beading to show you. Every year, I do a different snowflake pendant for my biz, and this year was no exception, except for why. This year’s pendant is all white, representing a fresh and clean new winter season, eradicating the violence of Paris and other previous Isis attacks. This snowflake is made with white opaque super duos, crystal AB delicas, silver lined crystal delicas, and 15/0 pearl white and silver lined crystal seed beads with a silver jump ring.

2015 Snowflake Pendant

2015 Snowflake Pendant

As per usual, my pictures just do NOT do the piece justice. But, GOOD NEWS!!! I have a new camera! Now, I’m just trying to figure out all the settings and whatnot so you can get a much better look at my stuff. And no, I have not forgotten about Part 3 of the Flat Chenille bracelet. I’m just still working on it. I will have it finished by the next blog. Also, I know I promised to post some crochet for you this week, but my little Doodlebug had strep and she just was not up to posing in the dress I made for her, so as soon as I can get her to hold still long enough, you will get first dibs (even before my daughter -shhhhh) on the pictures!

I hope each and every one of you has a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving. I count my blessings and Thank God every day for them, but this week is the one we recognize them the most, it seems. For those of you traveling, please, be safe. For those of you staying home, be safe, especially with those turkey fryers! I don’t want my readers blowing up on me!

Also, don’t forget to fill out that little box floating around this page somewhere to sign up with your email to get my lovely sarcasm directly in your email inbox each and every single week! I also LOVE getting comments from you, so please comment away and tell me what you are beading, what you think of mine, or just to say hello!

Until next time. Stay smart, or stay smart sassy!