Sarcasm Heard There Is a Holiday?

So rumor has it there is a major American Holiday this week. While most of you are anticipating turkey, dressing (there is NO such thing as “stuffing” here in the South) and all the trimmings, and shopping Black Friday, the ONLY important thing going on this week in Alabama is the Iron Bowl. I love and respect my Alabama Crimson Tide friends any time of the year except THIS week. If you live in Alabama, you … Read more

Sarcasm Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving!

That time has come once again. You know, that one day a year where we gather as families to break bread together, or as I did last year, volunteer to serve others a hot meal, and give thanks for the many good things and blessings we have in our lives. Of course, for most of us, it means stuffing our faces so much, we fall asleep in front of the television and miss all the … Read more

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